Monday, December 17, 2012

Top Gift Ideas: Tickets

What are some gift ideas you all have?

I am thinking TICKETS from Ticket King!

Check out this website for last minute ideas to get your friends and family!

Happy Holidays, readers!

Happy Holidays to all my readers! We wish you the best time relaxing and partying with friends and family this season.

I hope 2013 brings you countless wonderful things!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hopes for Vikings Playoffs

Hopes for Vikings Playoff:
There are Vikings Playoff Hopes still alive. There is a Vikings Wildcard spot possiblity. Cheer on the Vikings and keep your fingers crossed that this team advances to the NFL Playoffs.

If (I Mean When) They Advance to Playoffs:
The Minnesota Vikings are looking to the fans for the ultimate support as they finish out their 2012 season. Don't be a fair-weather fan, get out and support the Minnesota Vikings! Purchase tickets for upcoming Vikings there and cheer loud; they need you now more than ever, and you know that.

Go Vikes Go!

Gophers playing in Meineke Car Care Bowl Game

Hey readers, guess what?! Our beloved Gophers are playing in Meineke Car Care Bowl game!

Minnesota plays Texas Tech University in this Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas on Firday December 28th. There is a 8:00 pm kickoff and Ticket King has TICKETS! We, of course, have exclusive tickets for Gopher fans. Check them out here!

Go Gophs!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

KDWB's Jingle Ball 2012

Jingle Ball was SO FUN! My lovely boss, Kristy, let me use some left over tickets we had so my friend Molly and I got to go! Check out the Star Tribunes review here.

I loved all the artists there, but my two favorites were for sure Train and OneRepublic.

Pat Monahan of Train was literally wonderful, and his new song Mermaid is probably my new favorite.


Molly and I both had assignments to finish before midnight so we left early and missed PSY's performance. Who? Yeah I don't know either.

College Finals

It's that time again, readers.

I am only stressed about two times a semester. Midterms and finals. Aaaand guess what time of the year it is? Yup, finals.

You'll find me crying over a large dark roast coffee that I paid almost five dollars for in the library.