Friday, January 28, 2011

Toronto, Canada for Minnesota's Opener

For those of us to took geography in rural Minnesota, this is a map of Canada.

The word on the tailgating-streets of Minneapolis is that Carl Pavano is likely to pitch Minnesota Twins' opener.

When I first heard that, I thought... well I'll be darn. I'm going to make sure I get my opener tickets. Then I realized the Twins start off on the road in Toronto. Now... well looks like I'll be going to Toronto.

Ok, I could never lie to you. That's not true. While I would love to go to the season-opener on April 1st in the land of our Northern Neighbors, I have no funds to (especially considering my every last penny is going to the Twins for season tickets [cross your fingers]). However, I will be at the home opener.

I wouldn't miss it for my life. Hopefully Carl doesn't either.

Say Hello to a New Season Ticket Holder for the Minnesota Twins

scaredGood news!! I placed a deposit on Minnesota Twins Season Tickets this week. I am SO unbelievably excited... and then I found out what you are about to find out.

A team record 95% of fans renewed their season tickets for the 2011 season. Are. You. Serious. The President (of the world... just kiddding, of the Twins) said members of the team's ticket waiting list (me) are snatching up the open seats, and the team should be back up to its cap of 25,000 season tickets within about a week.

Well... this information was released today. And I placed a deposit on... Saturday? I may have a chance. But I am SO scared.

Hold good thoughts. I can't talk about this anymore...

Trees No-More at Target Field... Cry Babies

Well... turns out other teams in the MLB filled with non-Twins players are color blind. They can't discern the ball from the trees at it leaves the pitchers hand. I think we should just make the balls white instead of green...

Because of this unfortunate fact, the Twins are going to take down the Evergreen trees behind center field wall at Target Field.

No big deal, it was only a signature design of Target Field. And I was probably the only one who thought it was extremely cute, scratch that, intimidating, when TC climbed out from behind said trees and hopped the center field wall.

I received the book "Target Field" for Christmas -- it outlines the parks aesthetics. Are you telling me my Grandpa has to get me "Target Field 2.0" next year because some hitters can't see the ball? Sounds more like a marketing scheme than a ploy to make our opponents better.

I blame this all on jealousy. I guess not everyone can be the ALC Division Champs.

Yea... I guess it is hard to see. The trees I mean, not the ball.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ticket King Teams up with Creative Charter for a Score of a Deal!

I have very exciting news for fans of Ticket King, like myself, and people who are fans of going to amazing one-time-a-year events, like yourself. Ticket King has recently partnered up with Creative Charter to bring our customers an awesome travel deal regarding Super Bowl XLV!!

Creative Charter is a locally owned group-travel company that specializes in trips and tours. Lucky for us, we share an interest in sports ;).

Ticket King is running a Super Bowl trip deal with Creative Charter. The basics of the deal are as follows: Creative Charter will provide the travel and Ticket King will provide the tickets. We sure know how to do uncomplicated! Since Ticket King has some seriously great Super Bowl XLV tickets and Creative Charter has economic travel deals, this is - hands down - an opportunity you want to take advantage of. (I almost didn't post this because I don't want any competition if I decide to take advantage of this deal myself!)

Here are more of the specifics: The deal is starting at $999 for Super Bowl XLV and the dates are February 3-7, 2011 -- the Super Bowl takes place on February 6th. Furthermore, the trip includes roundtrip airfare, 4 nights in a hotel, all transfers, and tour guide.


To find out more, or to purchase, call or email Creative Charters NOW to get on the list: 1-888-612-0323 OR

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For your tickets, Ticket King has the Super Bowl XLV tickets you want/NEED! Call us at 1-800-396-7328 now for your Super Bowl tickets!! Go watch the Packers-Steelers in person!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well have all been familiarized with the drama that is packaged as Brett Favre. Well... looks like that particular drama may be over. Brett Favre filed his retirement papers.

Oh wait... HE'S BACK!

Wait... no... He retired.


But... he really isn't. He may be though.

Honestly, who knows? Currently, we know Favre filed his retirement papers and has been quoted in various ways of being fine. Done.

What do I think the Vikings next goal should be? Entice a Mr. Aaron Rodgers over the border. Wouldn't that be JUST hilarious is we were to leave a trail of cheese from Green Bay to Minneapolis just to lure the studly QB in to our non-existent Stadium/Field/Dome. Wait... that would be a mouse. Mouse like cheese. Packers are just cheese-heads.

Well... Maybe we could use million-dollar bills instead. Bottom line. I think the Minnesota Vikings could use a guy like Aaron Rodgers. And who is most 'like' Aaron Rodgers? Aaron Rodgers himself. He would look very handsome in purple and gold.

See what you can do Zygi Wilf and get back to me. You have my cell # I'm sure.

I managed to snap this picture of Brett and Aaron just chilling in their Vikings' gear. Ignore the Packers logo on their shorts.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Carl Pavano Returns to Minnesota

I love Carl Pavano. I think he has the stuff to help make Minnesota another serious contender again this year. I also enjoy his choice of facial hair. I don't love his girlfriend so much... for obvious reasons. Overall though, I give him a 9 out of 10 so naturally I am very pleased he is remaining in Minnesota for at least another year.

Whether you like Pavano or not, I'm sure you can agree with my next statement: Anything that upsets the New York Yankees or even makes things just a bit harder for them is just fine.

Agree? Figured.

Well... turns out the New York Yankees had been in negotiations with Pavano and his agent-- the Yankees wanted him back in New York were they treated him like garbage. And made him shave (another extreme example of this would be Johnny Damon). So whether you like Carl Pavano or not, which I think you should, you can appreciate that signing him makes the world a better place by making the Yankees the least bit miserable.

See you in April you darn Yankees. We'll bring Pavano. You can bring your clean shaven boring men.

Manager of the Year Speechless

The Twins caravan, on the northwestern portion of their Midwestern route, found themselves in front of large crowds of fanatical Twins fans. Fans that were so ecstatic and so supportive of the organization and the captain himself, that they gave Ron Gardenhire a standing ovation that left him speechless.

As Gardy was announced, the crowd at the Lodge in Brainard Lakes, the crowd stood and roared for our deserving leader. Gardy told the crowd that he "actually get[s] to stand next to guys like Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva and now Bert Blyleven and they get standing ovations. So to get one of those is pretty cool."

You know Gardy... anytime. Anytime you want to wave your arms frantically to drive in the runner, anytime you want to curse out the incompetent umpiring crew (whether they really deserve it or not), and anytime you want to lead our Twins to another Division Championship and perhaps the World Series, we will all stand for you -- you always deserve a standing ovation.

Ron Gardenhire
Along with Gardenhire winning the Manager of the Year award, Twins fans have many things to be excited about. The organization recently signed Jim Thome (one year, 3 million) back, along with Carl Pavano (two year, sixteen-five). These two guys are two of my favorite Twins. I love home runs and I love Carl's stache. What can I say?

Check back for more Twins information/updates. As my favorite sport and Minnesota sports team, the Minnesota Twins hold a special place in my heart.

As for me... I'm going to see if the Twins hold a special place in Mom's bank account via the purchase of season tickets. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Nomadic Minnesota Vikings

Metrodome CollapseWell... now that the Minnesota Vikings have finished their season, a season so low, the Metrodome couldn't even stand it, they must be looking to next season. And no one knows exactly where that season will be played.

The possibility of the Minnesota Vikings leaving the state is a very real threat that looms over the Twin Cities. The lease the Vikings have with the Metrodome is set to expire after their 2011-12 season and the team is in need of a new home.

The Minnesota Twins and the University of Minnesota Football program have both been privy to new stadiums in the past few years. The Metrodome, while a Minnesota stand-by, is without modern amenities and the financial earning power of a contemporary NFL stadium. I remember watching the nomadic game at Ford Field thinking they were in a different decade... and not one behind us.

Zygi Wilf and Commissioner Roger Goodell have been lobbying state politicians about the urgency of the need for a new stadium. Goodell has said the league intends to put a team back in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Vikings. It does roll off the tongue... terribly.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Carl Pavano and the Minnesota Twins

Carl Pavano. Love him. Love the stache. Love theCarl Pavano pitches. Love him.

Lucky for me, it appears that Pavano and the Minnesota Twins are making steady progress towards keeping the right-hander on the roster. Pavano has indicated he wants to remain in Minnesota and it now appears that may just happen!

Pavano, who turns 35 on Saturday, is considered the top remaining starter in the free-agent market. He went 17-11 with a 3.75 ERA for the Twins in 2010. Pavano made $7 million dollars last year as well.

If we can keep Pavano, and prevent him from going to the likes of the Royals and the Pirates, the Twins would possess a powerful one-two punch with Francisco Liriano at the top of Minnesota's rotation.

Personally... I would give Pavano anything if he stayed.

Bert Blyleven Finally 'Circled'

Bert BlylevenMinnesota Twins fans have always been the faithful kind, following the team to various ballparks across the country. Even child-fans of the Twins have grown up, moved away from home, yet remained faithful, perhaps visiting their city's ballpark when the Twins are in town. These Twins fans in various ballparks all have a guaranteed site in common: a fan holding a sign with the phase, "Circle Me Bert".

Bert Blyleven has made the phrase famous by circling fans with such signs over the past few years. Blyleven held the power to make a kids day just by utilizing his telestrator pen in a geometrical fashion.

On Wednesday, Bert was finally repaid for all his work... on the field that is. Blyleven was honored for his 22-year playing career by being elected into the 2011 class of the Hall of Fame. This year was Bert's 14th year on the ballot. While I was never privy to the in-person witnessing of Bert's famous curveballs, I have been privy to overwhelming appeal Blyleven generates with his fans.

Now, more than ever, we are proud to have Bert Blyleven in our broadcast booth. Congratulations Bert!!