Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Approached by Los Angeles Group

Los Angeles Seeking Minnesota VikingsJust what we need... further discontentment surrounding the Minnesota Vikings this year. I just read that Zygi Wilf and the Vikings organization have been approached by two groups out of LA, the Ed Roski group and AEG (which you may recall is associated with former Timberwolves CEO Tim Leiweke) regarding the potential relocation of the Minnesota Vikings to a similar sports-entertainment location in LA. Great.

LA. Bigger market. More money. The only thing we have over LA is a bipolar weather pattern consisting of a 120+ degree spectrum. But they have an ocean. However, we have enough lakes to formulate an ocean? What it all comes down to is The Golden State vs The North Star State.

Minnesota Seeking New Stadium DealIt is no secret that the Vikings are nearing the expiration of their lease and that the stadium issue is being followed nationally, but do we really have to lose the Vikings to LA? I'm feeling traumatic flashbacks to when the Twins lost Torii Hunter to the Angels.

In California's defense, I can most definitely picture silver fox Brett Favre lounging in a hammock wearing nothing but a... number 4 jersey. Gotcha!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ticket King Offers Free Holiday Shipping

Just a heads up for all you Ticket King shoppers... Ticket King is offering FREE SHIPPING with a promo code on Cyber Monday (Monday, November 29th). Want the promo code? "Like" Ticket King on facebook or follow us on twitter for the revealed code! Simple as that.

A Minnesota Sports Fan Christmas List

It is that time of year again. I have decided to channel the child in me and create a Christmas list for this Holiday season on behalf of all of those who bleed red, white, and blue in the spring and purple and yellow in the winter.

1) A Minnesota Twins World Series Win

2) Brett Favre at the age of 30 wearing purple

3) Bill Bellichick as the Vikings head coach

4) Randy Moss

5) Jim Thome at age 25 with the career numbers of this year

6) A home in Ft. Myers so I could go to Spring Training

7) Cliff Lee

8) A payroll cap for the MLB (haha Yankees... that one is for you)

9) If No. 1 not possible, a Minnesota Twins post-season drive PAST the 1st round

10) A new Vikings Stadium completely paid for by Zygi Wilf

There ya have it folks. A Christmas list on behalf of all Minnesota Sports fans. Let's see what happens... On a semi-related note... if I find Cliff Lee under my Christmas Tree... oofta.

A Minnesota Sports Fan Christmas List

It's Going to be a White Thanksgiving

Polar Bear in a Snow StormAs you all know, I am in college, which means I look forward to Holiday breaks like a convict looks forward to release... or something along those lines. This week is Thanksgiving (which is on a Thursday for all you non-pilgrim aficionados). I have class on Wednesday (meaning my break consists of Thursday and Friday only). This wouldn't make me too terribly upset unless there was supposed to be a huge snowstorm all day on Wednesday... which there is. And St. Thomas hasn't cancelled class. Shocker.

So... all you unlucky individuals that plan to be on the roads, particularly 169 South-bound. Look for me. If I am moselying along the forlorn highway looking like a polar bear in a snowstorm, please, don't stop... but DO throw me a searing hot Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. Much appreciated.
All jokes aside, I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving! This season, be thankful for Ticket King... we are always on your side!

I would like to thank-you, as readers, for continuing to read my blog after my controversial last post relating to Brad Childress. I very much appreciate it.

Minnesota Vikings and Brad Childress

Brad Childress FiredI would like to open with this: I am not a Brad Childress fan nor will I be addressing Sunday's game in this post (it is simply too depressing). I am a Brett Favre fan. In addition, until further consideration and research, I was in support of every "Fire Chilly" poster, tee, and bumper sticker out there (read my previous postings and see for yourself, I'm not lying). Now, I'm not so sure.

The Minnesota Vikings are a team with an immense amount of talent that is simply unaware of how to use it. After a record slip to 3-7 via the 31-3 loss to rivals Green Bay Packers, the Minnesota Vikings, in a desperation move, fired Brad Childress.

A week ago, the Dallas Cowboys pulled the same fast one over Wade Phillips and now they are on a two-game winning streak. Can we hope for the same result? No. The Cowboys new coach is young and experience with success as the offensive coordinator and plenty of years to study under Phillips.

Here is one side of the Favre-Childress fiasco:
This was the wrong move for the Minnesota Vikings. Before you gasp in outrage and file grievance against me, hear me out.

Childress took the Vikings to the NFC Championship last year and they were nearly Super Bowl participants. Of course, typical of Minnesota fair-weather style, we have lost all memory of that playoff rally. We also forgot who lost the game for the Vikings that year. Brett Favre. The turnover king, who is No. 1 overall in interceptions in NFL history. Favre threw that pass straight to the Saints. A big "your welcome" from us to you Drew.

I guess I just can't fathom firing someone who almost led us to the Superbowl a year ago. All I can assume is the team has turned on him. Following suit, so did the fans. When did this start?

I guess a better question would be... Who. Who put the anti-Childress ball in motion? Favre.

Favre and his "me-only" mentality has slowly infected the Minnesota Vikings like cancer to the bone marrow. In one of his many post-game press conferences, Favre talked about how he was "playing for himself" while everyone else on the team was "fighting for themselves". From there on out, the Vikings have fallen apart. The players lost all respect for and faith in Childress and it has turned in to a "me-only" football team.

Favre has successfully turned all the players and fans against Chilly (I am guilty too). Frustration levels for the Vikes must be skyrocketing as they are, as I said before, insanely talented. While I promote individuals questioning the wrongs and rights of society, we should still maintain a chain of command and respect those who have earned authority. In the case of Childress, he almost led us to a Super Bowl last year and now we are burning him at the stake.

It seems to me that Favre has found a way to blame anyone but himself for the team's failures. Instead of taking the fall for the Vikings losses, he threw his head coach under the team bus.

There has been no team faith for a while now. No team faith on a well-established squad that should be looking for a Super Bowl instead of a new head coach. Brett Favre stands in the way.

Here is some statistical support of what I'm saying:

QB Rating: 69.8
Passing Yards: 2,274
Touchdowns: 10
Interceptions: 17
Sacked: 19

These are the stats of the 2010 Brett Favre, not the legendary Brett Favre we know and love. Like I said, I am a fan of Brett Favre, but his time has come. While I have a hard time accepting his career is over, it most definitely is. We should give him his due respect, but in light of the firing of a head coach that had so much success in Minnesota highlights the instability of the Minnesota franchise.

In all honesty (I owe you, my readers, that much), I am not entirely sure how I feel about this post, how I feel about Childress, or how I feel about Favre. The purpose of this post was to point out another view that has been spiraling around Minnesota. Whether I agree with it, I am undecided. Call it devil's advocacy, but I definitely think this argument is something to consider.

Let's just say I am glad I didn't have to make the decision of firing Childress. The choice was economically irresponsible (he still had 3 yrs remaining on his contract that we will have to buy out), but was the right move if your strategy is fan-oriented over profit-oriented. Its a toss-up.

From Wilf's point of view, I can understand why he is disgruntled... or... I could have under why he was upset with Childress when he waived Moss. Now, like I said... I am completely on the fence. I wish I knew more. What do you think?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ticket King is an Official Drop Site for Toys for Tots

Ticket King teams up with Toys for Tots
I am a junior in college and, yet, I cannot wait for Christmas! A break from school, time spent with family, and of course gifts. As long as I can remember, I have had faboulous Christmases. We always spend our Christmas morning at my Mom's house where it is just Me, my Mom, and my Sister. Then, we trek through the snow over to my Grandpa's house where we share the day with the entire family. Never have I had a Christmas where I was disappointed. However fortunate I have been, there are people who are extremely unfortunate through no fault of their own. This Christmas, keep those people in mind. Purchase a gift and donate it to Toys for Tots. Ticket King is an official drop off location for your unwrapped toys this holiday season. Make someone else's Christmas this year; give a gift.

Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers Game Preview

Brett Favre seeks win against PackersBrett Favre has had a career composed of comeback after comeback, highlight after highlight. The greatest could be yet to come... if he can get the Minnesota Vikings in to the playoffs.

The season is on the line this Sunday when Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers come to town. Favre will try to lead the Vikings to a much-needed win over the NFC North co-leading Green Bay Packers this Sunday at the Dome. Wouldn't that be great? Yes. It would.

Favre could be in for better luck than the game at Lambeau, the Vikings are 3-1 at home this season and have won 17 of their last 30 as the host team. Sounds impressive, but I can tell you are skeptical. I am too. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Do you, Vikes.

(Here is where I should be talking about what each team is bringing to the table, but frankly, since we all know we need a win no matter how we can get it, let's just focus on that for now.

If the Packers come to town and do beat up on the Vikings, have hope. The last team they beat up on hard, Dallas, fired their head coach the next day.


Sidney Rice, Health vs Money

Sidney Rice Minnesota VikingsSidney Rice, who has yet to step on the playing field in this 2010 season due to a surgery in August, is offended that the media have hinted he is not playing out of soon-to-be free agent self-interest. He is offended.

Well, Sid, the Viking's medical team has cleared you sooo I don't really know what you are waiting for (if you are waiting to make your return in playoffs, may want to rethink THAT strategy). Sure, the Vikings put the 'to play or not to play' decision in your hands, but unless YOU have an M.D. degree, I think it may be about time to see what we've been missing for 3 months before we self-implode.

Rice addressed the reports in his own blog, titled "A Bunch of Bull". Apparently he doesn't agree with the media. Shocker. What an aberration for a Minnesota Vikings player to have issue with the media. Deja vu. In Rice's blog he writes, "Times like these, some news people just need stories to create and I guess me not getting back on the field yet is something they want to use."


Times like these... if you are talking about the economy, you have no business. You have no business talking about 'times like these' when you are being paid millions of dollars a year to NOT work. 'Times like these' consist of layoffs, closures and bankruptcies. Sound familiar to you? Of course not, why would it.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, say you weren't talking about the economy and you are talking about the lack of media-worthy stories spiraling around MPL/STP, in which case you are highly oblivious. Brett Favre scandal. Randy Moss blowup. Childress in the hot seat. Right.. . your story is what people want to hear. Scoff.

I'd say the best way to get some well-deserved media spotlight is to suit up for Sunday's game and show Minnesota you aren't off the field with dollar signs in your eyes, but with the Minnesota Vikings in your heart. Kinda cheesy.

Ron Gardenhire (FINALLY) American League Manager of the Year

Ron Gardenhire is accustomed to being in the winners bracket, racking up victories as the manager of the small-market Minnesota Twins, but he has finally won the long-eluded and well-deserved AL Manager of the Year Honors for 2010! Until this year, I have been embarrassed for the Baseball Writers' Association for passing up the chance of naming Gardenhire the AL Manager of the Year in previous seasons where Gardy has been runner-up five times.

Congratulations to Ron Gardenhire for the honor and to the Baseball Writers' Association for getting one right.

Ron Gardenhire Manager of the YearGardy, who is famous for his hot-headed explosions at incompetent umpiring crews, received 16 of a potential 28 first place votes, scoring him at 108 points. Texas' Ron Washington, who was not able to clinch a World Series this 2010 season, finished runner-up to Gardy with 81 points and 10 first-place votes. I would say the 20 point spread is a successful margin of victory. Nice work, I approve.

Something to think about... in the NL, San Diego's Bud Black scored in at 104 points with 16 of the 32 first-place votes. Now, I may not be a mathematician, but it looks to me like Gardy could have easily been named the MLB Manager of the Year; why stop at the AL when you've clearly scored higher in points and first-place votes than any other manager in the MLB?

P.S. New York's Joe Girardi received one third-place vote. Suck on that New York.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Discount on Tickets Perfect for Wild Games

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If I may offer my expert-intern opinion, I would use this code (STP) on Minnesota Wild Hockey orders because we often have tickets for sale below face value (upwards of $10). What... a deal. Check it out: Ticket King!

Ticket King Tickets

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Joe Mauer, Rawlings Gold Glove Recipient

Joe Mauer wins 3rd Gold GloveFor the third consecutive year, St. Paul's hometown boy was named the recipient of an American League Rawlings Gold Glove Award.

Mauer committed only three errors in 733 chances for a .996 fielding percentage. My main man Joseph also nailed 26% of would-be base stealers. While Mauer has state that 2010 was a "long year" for him with numerous injuries, he is also proud of his outstanding defense given that most of the focus has been on his highly contributory offense.

Mauers third consecutive honor makes the 10th straight year the Twins have won at least on Gold Glove as a team.

Other recipients of the Rowlings honor include: Mark Teixeira (Yankees, 1B), Robinson Cano (Yankees, 2B), Evan Longoria (Rays, 3B), Derek Jeter (Yankees, SS), Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners, OF), Carl Crawford (Rays, OF), Franklin Guitierrez (Mariners, OF), Mark Buehrle (White Sox, P). Now I don't want to re-ignite the agonizing drama between the Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees, but since the amazing malevolence I feel for the Yankees has never subsided, I will proceed.

While the Yankees may be tipping their pin-striped hats to Teixeira, Cano, and Jeter, I would like to give a Minnesota shout out to Torii Hunter of the Los Angeles Angels. Like Suzuki, of the Mariners, Hunter went in to the 2010 season as a recipient of 9 previous Gold Gloves, but he is notably missing from this years list. Torii Hunter played in 143 games totalling in 358 put-outs with only 3 errors. That, folks, is a fielding percentage on .992. I have decided to take it upon myself to find the faults in the award-giving process.

Derek Jeter played in 151 games totaling in only 182 put-outs. While I realize comparing the put-outs of a short stop and an outfielder are hardly comparable, but since we have no Yankee outfielder who was a recipient of a 2010 gold glove, (he annihilates Hunter in the assists category), check out Jeter's fielding percentage: .989.

If it were me, my vote for a gold glove winner would weigh heavily on the fielding percentage, which is the most widely used statistic for fielders of every position, because it is a well-developed defensive statistic that incorporates the putouts, assists, and total chances (which is equal to the number of putouts, assists, and errors combined) by a player. From there, the fielding percentage is calculated by dividing your putouts by your total chances. Based on my post-season research, Torii Hunter, who played with the Minnesota Twins for over 10 seasons, would win my vote by .003 percent.

You think I'm being petty? Recall: Derek Jeter fakes being hit by a pitch in order to get on base.

While I find myself looking for reasons to harp on the Yankees, I must credit them this, a $200-plus million dollar payroll suits them well. Seriously, no one can pull off 'dbag' so well. And when I say dbag, I am referencing dirt bag. Relax.

Again, congratulations Mauer on, not only winning a Rawlings Gold Glove award, but for being such a stand up guy and taking the contract with the Twins instead of the Yankees.

Sidney Rice To Return

Sidney RiceSidney Rice, who has been out for rehabilitation from a hip surgery he had in August, is looking to return to the roster. Rice did extensive work before the Cardinal's game, but did not make an on-field appearance as he has yet to be put on the active roster.

Childress, who is very knowledgeable about coaching the game of football =), has stated Rice is "very close, whether he is close enough to play, whether it's another week, it's hard to say right now." Childress further commented that it is a matter of if Sidney can play in an open field in the NFL, if he is ready for it because, unlike practice, the other guys will tackle. Hard.

In another Brad Childress-related story. Childress caused a[nother] press frenzy Sunday night when he made a comment... that was apparently a joke... when he was asked about any assurances he may have been give regarding his job. "I'm not going to sit here like Brett Favre and tell you I need compassion, I need a hug," he said. Holy Cow. Favre had said last week he could use a hug when asked if Childress was a compassionate coach. Brett's joke was just the beginning of a blood trail the thirsty press are continuing to follow relating to the relationship between Favre and Childress. Talk about stirring the pot... I may not like Brad Childress' coaching approach, but you have to admit the guy knows how to cause controversy. Very entertaining.

Childress Lives on as the Worst NFL Coach... For Now.

Sunday dawned brightly, as bright as was expected for fans of the Minnesota Vikings. News of the Randy Moss waiver, not supported by Zigi Wolf, had filtered to the four corners of the state, and Percy Harvin's blowup was progressing likewise. Everything seemed to be placing Brad Childress closer and closer to the edge of a plank he has been walking for sometime now. Everything came down to Sunday.

Chili had to win or he was done.

I had the privilege to be at the game on Sunday, and this was how it appeared from my view (a view from a Viking fan, an anti-Childress supporter, a Randy Moss aficionado and a Brett Favre rooter). Noon game. The offense struggled badly getting the ball down field, but executed well in giving the Cardinals the ball. Percy Harvin was so distracted from the Childress drama, he managed to give Arizona another touchdown off a fumbled kick-off return. The Vikings offense couldn't execute a pass if their lives depended on it, or if Childress' life depended on it... which it did. And the icing on that vanilla butter cream cake? There were around 100 or so signs sporting "Fire Chilly" being aimed at the coaching staff, cameras and even beer vendors in hopes of causing a domino-effect disbursement of beer to the agonizing fans. I saw it myself.

Fans around the stadium were thinking to the future, thinking of their unborn grandchildren. "I was there when ol' Brad Childress coached his last game." Me? Naahhh... I would probably tell that to my friends' grandkids. I am in no mental shape to handle any bouncing baby. No sir. Some fans just up and left all together in hopes of avoiding traffic. Ironically, due to the high volume that thought this, those who left early actually hit the traffic whereas those who stayed... didn't.

For those who are still mourning the death of Randy Moss as a Viking (ME), you couldn't help but smirk when it seemed glaringly apparent the Vikes were in store for another loss. Revenge seemed to be oh so sweet. Almost as sweet as those unforgettable over the head catches via the man of last hour, The Freak himself. You were posed with your palm open and inviting as you prepared to high-five Deanna Favre as you saw Childress-Favre Co. self implode. You chalked it up as a loss record-wise, but a win for your soul... a soul that thrives on the potential superbowl for next season when the current season seems more toasted than a kabob.

Oh. So. Wrong.

Could it be? Yes. Your favorite team, the only team that can pull off the complementary colors of purple and yellow, managed to score enough points in the last four minutes of play to tie the game. Then proceeded to win in overtime? You checked your time-machine mileage. Nope, you didn't misstep back in to 2009. Deja vu was your next option. Arizona, the immigrant fighters that they are, were hardly the liberal victim San Francisco 49ers of last years last-minute victory by the Vikes. This was reality, an unfamiliar reality of the 2010 season. Jared Allen even remembered it was ok to hit the quarterback. Bliss.

The Vikings pulled some strings, cashed in a few favors and managed to steal a win right out from under the Cardinals' beaks. When it had seemed the Vikings were going to take a page out of Moss' book, and quit, the Vikes prevailed! Even Brett managed to throw for a career-high 446 yards (maybe he has been laying off the ladies?). Percy Harvin, found a way to catch 9 passes for 126 yards without Randy Moss opening up underneath routes. Against all odds. Even Shiancoe, who has requested at least 5 alternative name pronunciations, caught a TD pass. Hell froze over on Sunday, and true to Minnesotan form, we liked it.

Perhaps the only downfall of the day was the salvation of our opposition. The Lord Voldemort to our Harry Potter, the Hitler to our Jew, the hurricane to our New Orleans will be around for at least another week. This guy is basically responsible for the development of Al-Qaeda, the catastrophic oil spill in the gulf (which he blamed effectively on BP), and the alarming economic downturn (pawned off on the Fed). Not to mention, the dismissal of Randy Moss (blamed the catering crew). And he lives on. I leave it up to you to weigh the pros and cons.

Until next time, just keep walking that plank like the pirate you are.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Percy Harvin Questionable for Cardinals

Post-Moss departure, I coined the expression "In Harvin We Trust". Harvin sprained his left ankle last weekend against the New England Patriots, missing practice on both Wednesday and Thursday. Seriously? How many times have the Vikings hit the 'SELF-DESTRUCT' button this year?

We know Brett Favre has tapped that more than once... oooohh... about that.

Back to Harvin, first it was migraines (of which I can empathize, when I get migraines, I'm a bear), and now its a sprained ankle. Basically, Brett Favre (who is listed as "probable" for Sunday, since when did "probable" mean "definite", as if they won't start Favre) is left with three healthy receivers for Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals-- Greg Camarillo, Greg Lewis, Bernard Berrian. So... "Bomb it to Berrian", "Camarillo Can Catch", "Go-Lucky Greg Lewis".... uh ya, this may just be awesome.

Back to the game preview:

Last year the Cardinals and the Vikings were both victorious winners of their respective divisions, the NFC West and NFC North. This year, the loser of Sunday's game can give playoffs a big fat kiss goodbye, because they won't have a shot in the dark. If Minnesota draws the short straw, you can bet Brad Childress will be looking over his shoulder as he is already in the hot-seat due to the Randy Moss deal.

Brett Favre, going in to Sunday is still juggling an ankle injury, his age, and infidelity. No change there, but he did play pretty well before he was injured against the Patriots. I'm pulling for this guy to rally in back-to-back games. Everyone loves the glory days.

For the Cardinals, starting quarterback Derek Anderson is back in the saddle, regaining the starting position he had lost to rookie Max Hall. Anderson has been inconsistent and inaccurate.

Basically we are matched well at quarterback.

Ten Reasons Randy Moss Fits with the Titans

I found it particularly strange that my last post was a serious post about Minnesota Sports, that seems rare in these times. Habits die hard...

Top Ten Reasons Randy Moss is a Better Fit in Tennessee

10. The Catering Menu-- The "Mom and Pop" cooking style clearly didn't suit someone of Moss' elegant taste. Luckily, Tennessee is famous for fried... pickles.

9. Energy-- If you aren't energetic about Randy Moss coming to town, he will surely get your adrenaline pumpin' with a good moon or, maybe he will step it up a notch, and show off that big jock strap off his. (Anyone with an ego that big has to be boasting something worthy below the belt)

8. Confidence-- The Titans have been lacking in self-confidence lately. Good thing Moss has enough to go around. Confidence just went up 3000% in Tennessee.

7. Team Name-- Titans, according to Greek Mythology, were giant gods of exceptional importance and reputation who ruled the Earth. Coincidentally, the definition of Randy Moss is not dissimilar. Weird.

6. Team Bonding-- Bo Scaife of the Titans stated, "I know everyone on our team is going to welcome him [Randy Moss] with open arms." Right... when was the last time you saw ANYONE give Randy Moss a hug.

5. Hmmm... something about having an afro. I'll get back to you.

4-3. uhhh.... I guess Moss isn't really that great of a fit for the Tennessee Titans seeing as I could only dish 8 reasons, 100% of which I made up. Shucks.

2.Press Conferences-- The Titans team, nor the coaching staff, are likely to be caught off-guard by a rogue press conference statement by Moss because no reporter cares enough about the Titans to cover them. Looks like all of Moss' self-interviewing skills are going to go to waste. Bumski.

1. Randy Moss is pissed-- A pissed Randy Moss tends to play better than the crazy, fast-talking, no-respect-for-authority, normal Moss. (You're to thank for that, Childress) He is out to prove a point, meaning any ball within his zip code will be caught by him. Until someone tries to offer him cornbread.

Despite all the jokes that find their way seamlessly in to my blog from the departure of Randy Moss, I still miss him and would welcome him back any day now. Who else can we count on to always only pay "straight cash homie"?

Minnesota Twins and the Off-Season

You all know how I love my Minnesota Twins, so I did some checking-up on them.

This past weekend, the Minnesota Twins organization got together for the annual meeting where head haunchos talk about the past season, analyze the organization as a whole, and attempt to predict the future. More importantly, the annual meeting is one step in determining the roster for 2011. This is huge.

The Twins have a total of ten players that could potentially leave as free agents. Eight of these ten, or eighty percent, were members of the postseason roster this past year.

For the sake of determining cost, if all ten of those players left, the Minnesota Twins would still top the $100 million mark to keep the remaining club together. Talk about a chunk of change. And I do mean like... quarters; the Yankees payroll is just a little over $200 million. Clowns. The additional increase in payroll, about 50%, can be attributed to the revenues from the new Target Field.

The list of the Twin's free impending free agents is as follows: Jim Thome (whom I love very, very much), Orlando Hudson (who will be playing with his fourth team in four years), Matt Guerrier, Jesse Crain, Jon Rauch and Brian Fuentes.

Club Options: The Twins picked up Jason Kubel's $5.25 million option and declined Nick Punto's $5 million option, paying the $500,000 buyout instead. I have mixed feelings about this. I absolutely love Jason Kubel and performed very well for the Twins this year, I give this choice my blessing. As for Punto, sure he wasn't the best, but did you see how HARD that guy worked? Never did I see a game that Nick Punto played were his uniform wasn't dirty from a dive or slide. Punto gave the extra effort 100% of the time and all the Twins did was show him the door. I do NOT give my blesssing here. (PS, the picture of sad Tigger is what I imagine Nick Punto looks like, way to go MN)

Nick Punto Leaves Minnesota

As of now, there haven't been many other major shifts in the roster of the men you know and love, but be sure that I'll keep you posted. It's my job. It's my life.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vikings Divorce Randy Moss

What the heck went wrong?

The news that Randy Moss has been waived by Minnesota shocked fans (and critics) as it filtered through the airwaves. Even the most jaded cynics of Mr. Class-Act Randy Moss didn't foresee the Vikes/Moss relationship deteriorating and ending in just four weeks. Too soon. Too wrong.

What happened? Moss interviewed Moss. His post-game press conference in New England happened. Moss was Moss, he hemmed and hawed in his self-conducted interview, while taking time to graciously (never thought 'graciously' would be associated with such a big donkey? me either) thank his prior team, the New England Patriots for the pleasure it was to work with them and that he misses "the hell out of them". What... a sap. THIS IS THE NFL, suck it up you jock strap. Moss continued to vent his frustration of Childress (whoever ISN'T frustrated with Childress obviously lives in Cambodia where they don't know what football is) and eventually boiled over everything to the media... in his self-conducted interview (I just want to make sure everyone is aware that Randy Moss had to pay $25,000 for not answering questions by the media, he doesn't care, and that he will be conducting his own interviews. Classic Moss). Moss had a moment of frustration exposed in front of the media.

Then, we KILLED him.

Randy Moss Waived
Moss' interview has been dubbed a "meltdown", described as a "surreal" moment of Moss "ripping" his team to shreds. Basically, people think Moss is Cancer... the really bad kind that attacks babies. I took the liberty to hit the archives and research memorable, classic, and very entertaining Randy Moss quotes by Randy Moss or related to:

"Ain't nothing but 10 grand. What's 10 grand to me?" Well, Randy apparently 10 "Gs" weren't enough because you weren't interviewing yourself back then. 25 was all it took... dawg.

"Let's go now, this is our time. We are going to have fun now. There's no telling what you are going to see." Shocker, this was before he 'mooned' Green Bay Packers fans at Lambeau. I like it a lot.

"The tough part of it is, Randy will never be a model citizen. But until this, he's been so good so far this year. It was a very immature thing to do. And he's got to understand that everybody is watching him. But it wasn't a career-ender." Ok, ok this wasn't a direct Randy Moss quote, but it was some random's quote post-'mooning' incident. It wasn't a career ender.... Never a model citizen... PEOPLE! THIS IS RANDY MOSS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! No offense to California, but Moss has admitted to smoking marijuana, Moss conducts his own interviews, he is one of the best receivers in the game... basically Randy Moss is one bad ass motha, we knew what we were getting.

Personally, I don't care if Moss smokes, swears, almost hits people with his car, or enjoys the field of news broadcasting... he is one of the best damn receivers in the NFL and he was OURS! Brett Favre cheated on his wife for Christ's sake, we still love him. On behalf of... myself... I personally apologize to you, Randy... Randall, for disrespecting you in such a way that made you, probably, punch an infant. I also extend an invitation to come back... I'll even let you do something outrageous. (Come on, it is pretty funny)

Sure Moss is a donkey, but we knew that when we signed him. Besides, whoever doesn't think it is a bit funny wouldn't laugh at anything normal humans laugh at. I get that Moss has a huge ego, but I think Childress is just jealous because he can't sport those luscious black dreads like Moss can. Get some hair Childress... then get a new job. Until then, In Percy We Trust.

Please understand that I really don't know when/why the above quotes were stated and that I just adapted them to fit certain situations in an attempt to appease my readers. Thanks.