Monday, December 17, 2012

Top Gift Ideas: Tickets

What are some gift ideas you all have?

I am thinking TICKETS from Ticket King!

Check out this website for last minute ideas to get your friends and family!

Happy Holidays, readers!

Happy Holidays to all my readers! We wish you the best time relaxing and partying with friends and family this season.

I hope 2013 brings you countless wonderful things!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hopes for Vikings Playoffs

Hopes for Vikings Playoff:
There are Vikings Playoff Hopes still alive. There is a Vikings Wildcard spot possiblity. Cheer on the Vikings and keep your fingers crossed that this team advances to the NFL Playoffs.

If (I Mean When) They Advance to Playoffs:
The Minnesota Vikings are looking to the fans for the ultimate support as they finish out their 2012 season. Don't be a fair-weather fan, get out and support the Minnesota Vikings! Purchase tickets for upcoming Vikings there and cheer loud; they need you now more than ever, and you know that.

Go Vikes Go!

Gophers playing in Meineke Car Care Bowl Game

Hey readers, guess what?! Our beloved Gophers are playing in Meineke Car Care Bowl game!

Minnesota plays Texas Tech University in this Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas on Firday December 28th. There is a 8:00 pm kickoff and Ticket King has TICKETS! We, of course, have exclusive tickets for Gopher fans. Check them out here!

Go Gophs!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

KDWB's Jingle Ball 2012

Jingle Ball was SO FUN! My lovely boss, Kristy, let me use some left over tickets we had so my friend Molly and I got to go! Check out the Star Tribunes review here.

I loved all the artists there, but my two favorites were for sure Train and OneRepublic.

Pat Monahan of Train was literally wonderful, and his new song Mermaid is probably my new favorite.


Molly and I both had assignments to finish before midnight so we left early and missed PSY's performance. Who? Yeah I don't know either.

College Finals

It's that time again, readers.

I am only stressed about two times a semester. Midterms and finals. Aaaand guess what time of the year it is? Yup, finals.

You'll find me crying over a large dark roast coffee that I paid almost five dollars for in the library.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Persuasive Speech for COJO 112

Tomorrow I have to give a 6-8 persuasive speech on something about poverty.

What am I going to write about, you ask? NO IDEA.

My two ideas include working for welfare and the Arizona SB 1070.

Anyone have suggestions? Thanks in advance!

No One Reads This Blog

Honestly........... No one reads this blog. But that's okay, I hardly have anything important to say.

Except.... I'm excited for J-Term! I wish I could be going to Spain or Italy or Greece. Instead I'm taking a webdesign class and working almost full time so we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone have a great thanksgiving! Don't forget to remember you are blessed and take time to think about the things you are thankful for. 

Here is my list: 
  • First and formost, my health and ability to move/hear/see/speak
  • My family; my parents, and my siblings Ellie, Patrick and Daniel
  • The wonderful University of St. Thomas
  • My amazing friends, from high school and college
  • My four roommates who have always had my back
  • My two jobs; the Development Office at St. Thomas and my internship at Ticket King. I have met so many wonderful people at each place 
  • The ability to go home for the holidays! 


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

I am so excited for Thanksgiving Break. St. Thomas gives us Thursday and Friday off and 2/3 of my classes on Wednesday are canceled. Thank God!!

I'm so excited to go home, not have to think or have to work. Friday we always go get our Christmas tree and decorate the house, so that should be fun! And all my friends from high school will be coming home so it will be great to see them and celebrate being home with them!

My newest way to Procrastinate

Everything is so funny and true. Take a look sometime when you need a new way to waste so much time.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Everyone's turning 21 without me :(

Literally three of my friends are turning 21 in the next two weekends.

What's a girl to do? I have to wait until April 8th! Write that down so you remember ;)

So this weekend we're going to GROUPLOVE at First Ave (kind of a pricey birthday celebration), so the people who can drink can drink, and the people who can't (me), don't have to!

Daniel's 13th Birthday!

It was my little brothers birthday on Tuesday; he turned 13! My parents bought him an iPod touch, but I don't have that kind of money so guess what I brought him for a present?

A Ticket King Helga Hat, of course!

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

Hey hey readers.

Today I feel like a super business-y grownup, and I want to die. In one of my COJO classes, we have to go work with students at a high school and because they wear uniforms, we have to dress up too!

The worst part of this thing is that we aren't allowed to wear dresses or skirts, so I am wearing a pant suit. A pant suit. Ew.

2012 Election Results

It has been an interesting 24 hours, folks! And two nights ago, at around 11 our time, the results were in. Barack Obama was reelected as our president! I tried to go to bed before the results so I wouldn't go to bed with too many emotions or thoughts. But alas, I woke back up to my roommate calling me at 10:30 reminding me to do our communication homework due at midnight. And then, of course, I had to check my Facebook and Twitter and saw that our president had been reelected. What an exciting time! I hope that our country will continue to progress these next four years, and when I graduate from college, there will be a job for me.

Here are the final results:


Popular vote


Electoral votes (270 to win)
Barack Obama60663445 50% 303
Mitt Romney57822359 48% 206
Control of House
218 Balance of power
Control of Senate
50 Balance of power

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Well, readers. Today is the day.

Election Day. 

Mitt Romney will be running against President Obama and this election has gotten HEATED.

In the end, be an American and get out there and vote! Vote for what you believe in, your morals, and what values you have as an American. Read up on politics and know what you are voting for. Here is a good resource for you to see an example ballot.

May the best man win (in my honest opinion, neither of them), and let's see this country get back on it's feet and prove that America is still the greatest country!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Madison for Halloween

My best friend from high school, Leah, goes to Madison so a bunch of our friends from high school always go and visit her for our fall break. It is also very convenient because Freak Fest, a Halloween celebration on State Street, is this weekend as well! 

My parents never like the fact that I go here for Halloween because it's considered the most crazy college campus party in the country. But, I stay safe and stick with my friends. 

I'm actually writing this post in the Madison Memorial Library so Leah can get some studying done and I can get some work done. So hello from Madison! :)

Last night we went to one of our other friends house and it was so great to see a bunch of old friends and meet new people too! 

Tonight we are going to hit State Street and see Mac Miller perform! 

I'll let you know next week how the rest of my weekend went!

Emily, Me, and Niki last night! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interesting News

My new favorite procrastinating tool is a website called Check it out here

It compiles all news from around the world that is interesting, weird, or funny. 

If you need a new procrastinating tool, check out :)

St Thomas Homecoming

This was my first really hard week at St. Thomas. And next week won't be much better. 

So I'm super excited for this weekend; Homecoming is always the second greatest weekend (after Tommie Johnnie, duh). 

I'll let you know next week how my weekend was! 

Here's a picture of some of my friends from Homecoming last year! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Minnesota's Funky Weather!

What the heck Minnesota?

Yesterday I was wearing a sleeveless dress and Birkenstock's, and today I'm decked out in a sweater and riding boots.

Tomorrow I might have to bust out my winter coat!

Ticket King Ad on MetroTransit!

Ticket King has ad's on MetroTransit! 

Keep an eye out for them buzzing around the city!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There's a Mouse in the House!

I was ten minutes late to my on campus job this morning.

My phone, which is my alarm clock, died in the middle of the night, but don't worry, someone woke me up in time!

No, not my roommates. It was the mice playing inside our walls. Yeahhhh gross! They were scratching so loud that I awoke from my deep slumber of five hours.

I called my landlord in a panic, and after explaining to her that the noise I was hearing was NOT just squirrels running around on the roof, she agreed to send an exterminator this week. Thank gosh. 

Blue Door Pub

Last year, I lived in a house on the corner of Fairview and Dayton in St. Paul, MN. It was quite a hike to campus, especially to South Campus (30 min walk, MAX), but my parents bought me a bike and two good pairs of brown rider boots to walk to campus, so it wasn't too bad.

However, the best part about this location was the fun location. The Blue Door Pub was in my backyard! This made my and my roommates late nights more tolerable because we could order half off tater tots (a huge to go container was $2!) and made football afternoons SO MUCH tastier. 

It's only the Blue Door Pubs 4th year of being opened (TODAY! Happy anniversary, baby), and yet it is already a St. Paul favorite. 

Check it out sometime if you are looking for some GREAT hamburgers, or more specifically, a Juicy Blucy. My favorite is the Luau. My dad is coming tomorrow to take out my air conditioner and help us set up mouse traps.... yeah..... so I think I'll let him take me to dinner at The Blue Door Pub because it just sounds so dang good. 

Happy eats!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tommie Johnnie: It Happened

The best day of my college career happened last weekend.

That's right. It beat any birthday I've celebrated, any night out on town, any weekend trips to Madison.

What was it? The Tommie Johnnie football game, of course!

This year has already been stressing me out with an on campus job, off-campus internship, and four busy classes. I feel like I'm going to throw up every time I go to Spanish. Every night I get home between 5:15 (earliest) and 7 pm (latest) and promptly want to go to bed. But I will persist, and this will make me stronger!  (Cheesy, sorry.) But I had been looking forward to the Tommie Johnnie game and knew it would be a grand old time!

So, anyway, I took a party bus up to St. Johns in Collegeville with a bunch of my friends and it was the BEST.

Woke up at 7:45 to a beer (or three) and eggs from my lovely roommate, Molly. Got to the party bus at about 8:30 and it left at 9. (This is all AM, keep in mind.)

We got to the St. Johns at 11ish and the game started at 12:10. Of course, St. Thomas won. Wouldn't expect anything less.

Got home at 6. What? Where did all the time go? I have no idea.

I'm in the middle! This may or may not be my profile picture.

Want to see some more pics? Check out this link on facebook of professional pics that a reporter from TommieMedia (our school newspaper) took! I'm actually in a lot of them.....


Thursday, September 13, 2012

The (GASP) City Bus

How did YOU get to work/school/run errands today?

Cool. Well, I took the city bus. 

I have spent the last month dreading this day, not even a joke. 

My wonderful sister, Ellie, and I share a really cute white Grand Am. My parents finally gave in last summer and bought us our own car. Hmmph. After I spent three years driving around my parents car, my sister gets her license and immediately we "need a third family car". Yeah, okay. 

Since Ellie is student council president, Dance team captain, track captain, in NHS, Mustang Mentors, Calc 9, and a million other things, we (and when I say we, I mean she.) decided it would make sense for her to have the car this school year. My parents were a little worried about me keeping a car at school with me, with all the crime in Highland Park (what) and the shenanigans they know my friends and I get into. But, I had the car all summer and things went off without a hitch! Except for when I side swept my garage and some paneling fell off the car... nbd.

Today I woke up feeling so nervous. But, things went smoothly! Except for the guy with a tear tattoo sitting by me, everything was fine! I know that this will help me grow up, and I'll probably get some good stories along the way. 

Would you rather ride in this?

Or THIS?? 

Yeah, same. 

Gooo Twins!

Okay, out with the truth.

I only went to two Twins games this summer. I know, I know. I'm sorry. No excuses, just play harder.

Feeling very regretful, and with eight home games left, I spent all week badgering anyone and everyone I know (like my cute Spanish partner and my roommates friends) to go to a game with Ticket King's FIVE DOLLAR TICKETS. (  Now, I am very confused why no one accepted this offer.... Maybe because it's the first full week of school? I guess college kids hardly have time to sleep, let alone go to a four hour Twins game.

So, last night I was eating dinner at 6:30 when I got a call from my best friend from work, Lesley. "Raaach what are you doing? My dad just gave me two Twins tickets in the dugout, wanna go?"

Umm yess...

So she picked me up and it was the best Twins experience I've had in a long time (even though Joe Mauer didn't play and the Twins haven't even been playing decently....).

And I'm trying to convince my lovely parents to have a family day on Sunday and take a trip out to Target Field.

Only two home weekends of Twins baseball left, people! Get your tickets now before you feel regretful, like I did!

Photo: Twins game with the cutest! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Week of School

This previous week was the FIRST week of school for many students. Let's just say it was rather rough.

Not for me though! I have spent my whole summer waking up at 6:30 am (basically the crack of dawn) to go work at the Development Office at the University of St. Thomas. I was basically the go-to girl. Doing lots of copying (my largest project was copying a packet that contains 2,000 pages. Yawn), answering of the phone (University of St. Thomas Development Office, this is Rachel...), and entering data into the system (or "maintaining and updating data for the entire campus system with great attention to detail and necessity for accuracy". Or at least, that's what I said in my resume.) I spent many hours with the same group of twelve people, and we got extremely close!

When I started my communication internship at Ticket King at the end of July, it came with pros and cons. I went from working with a fun group of twelve people, to a office setting with two people. Lot's of costumer service, and figuring out how to drive downtown St. Paul. However,  I got to wake up a little later! But actually, I got up at the same time, but then spent my mornings running mindlessly on a treadmill and watching Keeping up with the Kardashian's (such a guilty pleasure, shh). I was getting real life experience at this internship, and doing so much writing, which is my greatest passion.

I also spent countless hours with my wonderful family (in Glacier National Park for a two week backpacking excursion, and at least three long weekends at our family cabin on Lake Vermillion.) It was so great to see all my friends from high school who came home for the summer from all around the country (shout out to you all currently Connecticut, Texas, California, New York, Wisconsin and Iowa) and met so many people from living near school in the summer. Made some friendships that I know will last FOREVER.

All in all, it was the best summer of my life.

So, you can say I was a little sad for it to end. BUT, now I get to sleep in a tad (my alarm goes off at 6:50 every morning), work is now balanced with four and a half classes, other various activities (I have a radion show at KUST campus radio, teach Sunday school at St. Marks in St. Paul, and am involved in a million clubs at St. Thomas), and keeping up with my friends and family! Literally six of my close friends are studying abroad this semester. It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone, but I know they are off having the time of their life, so I guess I can be happy for them. People in London, Paris, South Africa, and three in Rome, and I am so jealous! I can't wait for J-term so I can stop facebook stalking everyone and go have my own adventures! (But more about that later).

With two new roommates that are slowly turning into best friends, new faces at work (we just wrapped up with orientation at Development, where I was one of two students who helped with planning. Sooo relieved that's over), and the plethora of people I have met over my two years at St. Thomas, it's going to be such a fun year!

Some things I'm looking forward to:

Tommie Johnnie Game this weekend, the beginning to the celebrations of the 21st birthday (I have to wait until April), taking the city bus to Ticket King every Tuesday and Thursday, and my first QUIZ tomorrow! (Wait, those last two...)

So yeah. Don't forget to read my blog,, to keep up with what I'm up to! I'll try to update once every week and I'd LOVE to hear from you! Leave me a comment or send me an email.

Now, stop reading this silly little thing, and go enjoy this 90 degree weather! (Literally so glad I wore black pants and boots today...)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Minnesota Vikings Helga Hats at Ticket King

Yes, Vikings fans and Ticket King costumers. 

Helga hats are back in action, so don't you dare forget to pick up your FREE Helga hats and come grab your Vikings tickets too! We have plenty of hats for everyone, but get them fast at Ticket King St. Paul before they run out!

Ashley, from Minneapolis office, is dressed to 
impress in her vikings gear and Helga hat! 

Also, come hockey season (which is going to be WILD.... sorry about the pun), Ticket King will be giving away Puck hats! Want to support the MN Wild? Nothing says it better than a free Puck hat! AND we have great deals on tickets too! Stop in today to check it out. 

Follow the Ticket King St. Paul blog to know when to get your free hats for sporting events in Minnesota!

Voting in a Presidential Election

For me, and all my friends, this November 6th will be the first time we will get to vote in the Presidential election! Finally.  

Now, I'm not the most politically invested person, but I do keep up with the news and I think it is disgusting that my mom thinks Paul Ryan is cute.

I think it is important, not who you vote for, but that you spend time learning about the candidates and placing your vote.

Want to be in the know? Check out this website for Republican candidate Mitt Romney and this website for the reelection of Obama.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ticket King Groupon

Look for our Ticket King Groupon starting tomorrow! Tickets are 50% off, so only $14!

Don't miss this steal to see the Vikings!

MN State Fair

And the count down begins. TWO DAYS until the great Minnesota get together.

Want to find some new and unique things to do with your time at the fair?

Here is a list of new attractions and exhibits at the MN State Fair! Go check them out on any of the fair days!

-3rd Lair SkatePark Lessons
-Great Big Sandbox
-Lasertainment Laser Hitz Show
-Pianos on Parade
-Minnesota Wine Country
-World of Wonders: Palace of Illusions

I'm, personally, getting super excited to see Mac Miller and Wiz!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shark Week

This year is Shark Weeks 25th Anniversary!

Any readers out there who have been watching?

I've never gotten into Shark Week, like at all, because my parents deprived us of cable TV when I was growing up. Now that I'm a rich and famous college student, cable is a part of my life!  However, I don't watch much TV, except the Wild games and maybe Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And I'm also terrified of sharks. This is because during Spring Break this year, after swimming in the Atlantic Ocean for hours, we watched a man, who was fishing, catch a HUGE SHARK ten feet away from our spot. To say the least, I'm not a fan. But last night, my roommate and best friend, Mary, sat me down one night and we watched the Shark Week on the Discovery channel for a really long time. Too much time. And it was good! 

Check out this link to make sure you don't miss out on anything! 

Oh, Minnesota

Anybody else feel that breeze today?!

I had to dig in the trunk of my car for a sweatshirt, our office is THAT cold today! So, I'm lookin' extra cute in a fancy office dress and St. Thomas sweatshirt. It's currently 68 degrees in St. Paul.

WHAT. It hasn't been this cold since March. Literally. \

With this being one of the last weekends of the SUMMER, I'm getting mad. I'm going to my cabin on Lake Vermilion for the first time this summer (yeah my parents are thrilled with me at this point), and it'll be no fun if it's cool weather.

What do you guys think about this weird weather?? 

Meet Zach Parise at Rosedale Best Buy!

Hey readers! I just wanted to let you know about a fabulous opportunity! Our newest, favorite Wild player, Zach Parise, is scheduled to appear at the Best Buy in Roseville at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, August 19. (1643 County Road B2, Roseville, MN 55113)

Do NOT miss this chance of a lifetime!

Have your picture taken with Zach Parise, no autographs. But that's okay, a picture says a thousand words!

Here's the lowdown: First 400 fans to collect a wristband will get their chance to have his or her picture taken with Zach. Wristbands will be distributed for celebrity appearances 2 hours prior (noon) to the start time on a first come first serve basis, one wristband per person. The event is free and open to the public

I would TOTALLY take advantage of this great opportunity, but I'm going up to my cabin for the weekend. You all better get out to Roseville and meet the man who is going to lead the Wild to the Stanley Cup!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 London Olympics

I have been obsessed with the Olympics. After coming back from my vacation, I started tuning in to catch up! Even though I do work at Ticket King, I'm not the biggest sports fan ever, but something about the Olympics is just so exciting!

Some of my favorite events are swimming, diving, and beach volleyball. I'm constantly checking the medal count, downloaded a NBC Olympics app on my phone, and even check up on my favorite events while they're live streaming online at work.

Side note: All my friends and I think that Ryan Lochte is the hottest thing since, well since Michael Phelps. But is he actually stupid? Check out this hilarious video about how Ryan is great at swimming, but less great at talking. And this article about his Twitter style. I couldn't stop laughing.

Check this out to keep updated on the medal count!

What have been your favorite things to watch and cheer for? Go USA!

A Little Family Trip

Hey readers!

Welllllll I just got back from a twelve day, back-packing, wilderness adventure in Glacier Nation Park with my wonderful family. We all squeezed into our mini-van jammed packed with tents, firewood, sleeping bags, and (most importantly) enough food for a month.

Now, don't get me wrong, it was a GREAT vacation. I'm just not the most outdoorsy person ever, so while my younger siblings would run, literally run, the 20 mile hikes we did, I preferred to take in the scenery. Lots of scenic stops and lots of munching on sunflower seeds and trail mix. Sorry.

High point: The last day we finally convinced my father to take an "easy day", so instead of doing a 15+ mile hike, we found a secluded spot on St. Mary's Lake and hung out there for about five hours. Hot sun, great views, glacial cold water ( I went in three times though because it was too hot otherwise!), and a private beach. Sounds like paradise. Can I go back now?

One more high point: On the way back from a particularly difficult hike, we came across a BEAR on the trail. She was just chillin', but still. I've never seen my father as scared as he was seeing this majestic (killer) animal. I was shaking, but it was SO awesome to see this wild animal up so close. Not many hikers come across bears on the trail, we were super lucky!

Low point: My family doesn't really believe in sunscreen, so after lathering on SPF 4 (with tanning oil oops), we left Montana redder than a tomato!  Because of the added elevation of Montana compared with St. Paul, the sun is doubly strong. Days later, I'm peeling so hardcore.

Great weather, good company, so much good food, lots of physical activity, and an awesome time in God's country! We even met up with one of my friends from school, Maria, who is working out there! It was great to see a familiar face, and I'm know she loved exchanging stories of Glacier.

AND one of the best (or worst, I can't decide) things was we had no cell-service, TV access, NOTHING. We didn't know what was going on in the world at all! It was soo nice not having to check my emails, not being attached to my phone, just to take in nature and not have to deal with anything. When we got back into civilization about nine day later, I checked my phone and felt the love from my friends on my Facebook page. However, when my sister and I checked our phones, we both had gaps in our texts.  (cue angry voice!)We received none of our texts for a period of five days!!@#@!!! Lost in cyber space, I guess. Whatever.

 BUT, All in all, it was a perfect time! I didn't even bust my knee from hiking 6 miles down a straight mountain! ;)

Take a peek at some of the jaw-dropping places we went!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Intern!

Everyone at Ticket King said their goodbyes to the communications intern, Allison, as she moves on to the next stage of her life, law school in Chicago.

And, I'm her replacement! My name is Rachel and I'm going to be a junior at The University of St. Thomas in the fall!

I'm the oldest of four, Twins fan, avid Wild fan, and Communication/Journalism major with a Minor in Spanish.

I'm really excited about working here! I mean, my boss bought me a smoothie today, so I think it'll be great. :) Don't forget to follow my blog to get all the newest deets about everything and anything! I'll be working at the St. Paul office, so come say hi!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

WHO'S EXCITED FOR TONIGHT?! After four years of watching a super hot Christian Bale play Batman in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises is FINALLY premiering tonight! If you click here, you can see the full trailer or just go see the movie tonight at midnight! Anne Hathaway makes an appearance as Catwoman, and we'll also see other big stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, and Michael Caine!

Hope everyone enjoys the movie!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw Set the Stage at Target Field

Well... I failed myself.

I did not purchase Kenny Chesney Tim McGraw tickets for the FIRST EVER concert at Target Field. Looking at my friends' facebook photos, I am filled with regret:

Cole DeVries And Twins Look Good Through Seven in Loss to Rangers

If I was not a born and raised native of Minnesota and had been born in a state without a team to call mine, I think it would have been pretty easy to fall in love with the Rangers. I've always kind of liked them, but have maintained strong loyalties to the Twins, of course.

The Rangers overcame a 3-0 deficit in the 9th to win 4-3 in 13 innings over the Twins. Ian Kinsler lined a game-winning single in the 13th inning for the AL West-leading Texas Rangers.

Cole DeVries pitched seven scoreless innings on a great performance. I love seeing a Twins starting pitcher actually do well. :) Casey Fien followed up with a great performance as well.

The Twins were an out away from shutting out the Rangers at Arlington. That never happens... especially to the Twins. Minnesota had padded a 1-0 lead in the top of the ninth with two unearned runs off Joe Nathan. Then, Kinsler led off the ninth reaching on a two-base throwing error. Glen Perkins threw a wild pitch. Elvis Andrus then had an RBI groundout before Hamilton popped out to third base.

After losing five straight, the Twins managed to give the Rangers back to back 4-3 wins in extra innings. The Rangers are very easy to like. Even when you are on the other side.

 Despite my disappointment we didn't at least win the series, I am proud of the Twins for giving the Rangers a run for their money. After all, the Rangers have eight players going to the All Star game. That is almost enough for one team. The Twins have one.