Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Week One College Football Games

Robert Quinn and the North Carolina Tar Heels
Here are my Five Week One games I am looking forward to the most:

1. #3 Boise State vs. #10 Virginia Tech
2. #24 Oregon State vs. #6 TCU
3. #21 LSU vs. #18 North Carolina
4. #15 Pittsburgh at Utah
5. UCLA @ Kansas State

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Big Ten Division Split

Big 10 Logo Sources are reporting that for the first time in the Big Ten, there will be 2 divisions. It remains to be seen what the 2 divisions will be called. Some speculation has them titled "North" and "South". According to ESPN, the new alignment plan won't be revealed until September. Reports have already surfaced that Iowa and Wisconsin will be placed in separate divisions. They first placed in 1894 and have played 85 times total. It will be interesting to see what way the Big Ten splits the conference. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 NCAA Football AP Top 25 Released

Alabama Crimson Tide The AP Top 25 for 2010 NCAA football was released this weekend. Here are the rankings:

1- Alabama 14- USC
2- Ohio State 15- Pittsburgh
3- Boise State 16- Georgia Tech
4- Florida 17- Arkansas
5- Texas 18- North Carolina
6- TCU 19- Penn State
7- Oklahoma 20- Florida State
8- Nebraska 21- LSU
9- Iowa 22- Auburn
11- Oregon 23- Georgia
12- Wisconsin 24- Oregon State
13- Miami (FL) 25- West Virginia

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Football So Close!

AutumnIt's getting to that time. The time where the leaves turn colors and the air is a little bit cooler. I'm talking about football season and the fall. The two go hand in hand. I can't wait for the NCAA and NFL season to get underway. Soon football will be on every Saturday and Sunday, and that is exactly what I love. Rooting for the hometown teams each weekend makes for a great time to get together with friends and watch the battles. Just a few short weeks and football is back. Check out Vikings Tickets or Gophers Tickets for any Minnesota football games!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Better Overtime: NFL or NCAA?

The Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals ready for a coin flip to determine possession in overtimeCollege Football and NFL Football have two different overtimes. In the NCAA, both teams have the opportunity to win the game by getting the ball. In the NFL (now at least, just regular season), it's sudden death based on a coin flip. Although the playoffs now allow the other team to get the ball back after a field goal, the regular season still stands as sudden death. In my opinion, college football has the better overtime.

I enjoy watching both teams have a chance to win. Starting at the opposing 20 yard line gives both teams the same field position and same odds of winning. I like the epic double, triple, and even quadruple overtime games that you can see in college football. I hope someday the NFL can change to the NCAA version of overtime. For some good college football tickets, check out Duke Football Tickets!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can Boise State be BCS Title Bound?

Boise State Broncos Logo
We're used to what happens nearly every year - one undefeated team makes a case for the BCS National Championship before being ultimately excluded for the likes of bigger schools. We've seen it several times with Boise State and Utah. Now, Boise State is preseason #5 voted on by the coaches. The argument is that their schedule is not tough enough, based on the conference they play in.

After playing Pac-10 Champion Oregon last season to start the year (in which Boise State won), this season they start off against Virginia Tech. After playing Wyoming they then face Oregon State, another strong Pac-10 that almost won the conference last year. The question is, if Boise State goes undefeated again, can this be the year that they make it to the BCS Championship Game? Here's to hoping that happens.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Top 10 2010 Heisman Hopefuls

West Virginia Running Back Noel Devine Here are my 2010 Heisman Trophy Hopefuls going into the season:

Mark Ingram, Alabama RB - Won it last year, great team coming back, need I say more?
Case Keenum - Houston QB - Will put up guady numbers, depends if team can stay in BCS mix
John Clay - Wisconsin RB - Should add to 1,500 yard season last year and Wisconsin can be a Top 10 team
Terrelle Pryor - Ohio State QB - Loads of talent, dual threat. Ohio State should contend for National Title
Jake Locker - Washington QB - Would have been a 1st Round NFL Pick this season. Depends on UW's ability to stay a contender.
Kellen Moore - Boise State QB - Can put up big numbers and BSU is again going to be a top team. Depends if big numbers can come in important games and not pushovers.
Ryan Mallet - Arkansas QB - Big talent QB, poised for another big season
Noel Devine - West Virginia RB - Small stature can flat out run. Depends on WVU's season.
Jacory Harris - Miami QB - Dual threat quarterback had a solid season last year and has big expectations. Smaller version of Vince Young
Andrew Luck - Stanford QB -Why not? Lots of upside and potential, could he take it all the way to the Heisman Trophy? Who knows
Dion Lewis - Pittsburgh RB - 1,800 yards and 17 touchdowns last season. Plays on a good team at Pitt.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Ten Picks Indianapolis as Site of Big Ten Championship Game

Lucas Oil StadiumThe first Big Ten Championship Game will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis in 2011. The city has hosted NCAA tournament basketball games in recent years as well as the Super Bowl in 2012. The conference will have 12 teams in 2011, the first year the Big Ten will have that number. Nebraska agreed to leave the Big 12 and join the Big 10 earlier this summer. The Big Ten Championship Game will likely have a large effect on the BCS National Championship now. The stadium is host to the Indianapolis Colts.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Big 10 Media Poll

Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor The Preseason Big 10 Media Poll has been announced. The media has the following predictions:

- Ohio State is the favorite to win the Big 10. They finished 11-2 last season including a Rose Bowl victory over Oregon.
- Iowa was predicted to finish 2nd and Wisconsin 3rd
- Terrelle Pryor, quarterback of Ohio State was voted Offensive Player of the Year for a 2nd straight season
- Greg Jones, linebacker out of Michigan State was voted the Defensive Player of the Year for a 2nd straight season. Speaking of MSU, Check out the Michigan State Spartans page for some tickets to see him in action.
- It's the first time in 12 seasons that the two selections are repeat choices