Wednesday, June 22, 2011

China Paints Their Pups

As I was searching for some new non-sports-related news to blog about, I found this:

China paints dogsThis picture is brought to you by and features three dogs painted as pandas and one dog painted as a tiger. PAINTED. Apparently the newly wealthy have nothing else to spend their yaun on except a little bit of spray paint to make that golden retriever look like Tony the Tiger.

Don't get me wrong, this panda imposter dog is cute:

China paints dogsHowever, I don't understand why this is ok. It isn't ok. I'm more partial to the real deal. We paint houses. We paint nails. We don't paint Fido.

I seem to remember something about China having the worst pollution in the World... and close to the lowest wages for an economy of its size. I guess I see their point though... why worry about the rest of humanity or how your middle and lower classes are doing when your pooch is looking less than pampered?

I am a dog lover and have been my whole life, but this is ridiculous. Stop yourself, China... you aren't being cute.

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