Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boston Red Sox Epic Collapse, Tampa Bay Rolls

I can't beat this: A Running Diary of Game 162. It is just too funny.

Please just consider this post my support for the Tampa Bay Rays as it relates to the wild card. The post season? I like the Rays and Texas.

Jose Reyes is a Coward

Jose Reyes. Synonymous with cheater.

Reyes was pulled from, what could be, his final game as a Met after going 1-1 on a bunt single. Reyes requested to be pulled if such a situation arose because it would give him the best shot at the NL batting title, which he was later crowned.

Pulling Reyes came on the 70th anniversary of Ted Williams' decision to play in a double header on the final day of the regular season in 1941. On that date, his average was .39955 and would have been rounded up to .400; he played. "If I'm going to be a .400 hitter, I'm going to be a .400 hitter all the way," Williams was quoted.

Williams then went 6-for-8 in the double header to up his average to .406.

Reyes is a coward.

Apparently CJ Wilson of the Rangers agreed by tweeting, "Seriously people -- taking out a star player to preserve his batting average lead... weak! I hope ryan braun goes 5-for-5 and wins the title now."

Unfortunately Braun went 0-for-4 to finish at .332 for Milwaukee.

A word of advice to Reyes: No one will respect you for your actions, not even your fans. You say you won the title for your fans, but really, they came to watch you play, not to watch you sit as a backhanded way to win a trophy. In the end, you decided it was truly all about yourself. Big mistake. At the finish line you turned from a hometown hero to one big chicken that doesn't play for the team or for the fans, but for himself. No one respects that, no matter how many awards you have. Feel like a winner? You shouldn't, you loser.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ozzie Guillen Manager of the Florida Marlins

Alright Chicago. Let me tell you this: Ozzie Guillen is one crazy SOB, but he also wins games. He is temperamental and difficult to play for. He is also the only Chicago manager in the last 90 years to lead a Chicago team to a World Series title.

Out of the eight seasons as the White Sox manager, the team has held a winning record five times. Just once during those same eight seasons have the Sox lost more than 90 games.

Sure, the Sox sucked this year. So did the whole AL Central with the exception of Justin Verlander. Stuff happens. The Twins are closing in on 100 wins? You think your season is bad?

Guillen was probably one big fat migraine. The new manager probably will be less of one, but that comes at a price. The new manager is certain to be less colorful and will be lucky if he can lead the White Sox to as many wins as Guillen did.

Guillen will be taking a job with the Florida Marlins after being released from his White Sox contract.

Actually, there has been a lot of relocation to Florida... just see the AL Wildcard.

Minnesota Twins and 99 Losses

Here it is. The Minnesota Twins have two options: win their final two games of the year or reach 100 and/or 101 losses.

I should've warned you this wouldn't be pretty.

Right now the Twins, coming off a 7-3 loss against Kansas City, are sitting (or laying down) at 61-99 which is just one loss short of a coma.

The Twins have only ever had a 100-loss season in Minnesota, which took place in 1962. They came to Minnesota in 1961.

The other day I received an email from the Twins organization regarding my 2012 season ticket deposit as an On Deck Circle member. Sure, I love the Twins enough to try for season tickets again. In fact, this season was so terrible I know that next year can only be an improvement. Look at that... optimism. I never do that.

It would be nice if they lowered the prices for next year... but I guess not everyone is a poor college student. Just poor blue-color workers.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Minnesota Twins are Bumming Me Out

The Minnesota Twins are facing a 12-game losing streak if they don't win today.

The score is tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 7th and the Minnesota Twins look to be flirting with a win.

Kevin Slowey knows that feeling. The Twins went into the Mariners game with a ten game losing streak that they looked to end as Kevin Slowey started off hot. He threw a 1-2-3 first. He threw a 1-2-3 second. He threw a 1-2-3 third, and after pitching around an error and throwing a 2-3-4 fourth, he threw a 1-2-3 fifth. Five innings and the Mariners were without a hit.

The Mariners began the sixth with two outs under their belt quickly. Then came Ichiro who snapped Slowey's bid for a no-no with an infield single. After that, the score deficit was cut in half. Four pitches later, the game was tied. Then the game was over with the Twins on the bottom. Again.

The Twins are still bumming me out. I was hoping AL Central, AL Champs, World Series Champs... I was all in. Season ticket deposit and everything. Now I'm broke and without a winning team.

Next year? You better believe it.

Twins Approach 100 Losses

Ron Gardenhire: 'No one ever wants to see 100 losses.' No kidding.

The Twins are slowly crawling to the end of their disastrous season. If Gardenhire had been told during spring training that his team would be closing in on 100 losses, he would have asked what we were smoking.

The Minnesota Twins only have one team in history to reach triple-digit-losses.

Another quote from Gardy, "You have to cope with them (injuries) the best you can. We haven't done a very good job of coping with all the injuries. I read earlier in the season where the Twins didn't have a Plan B. Plan B to replace the whole lineup? I don't think too many teams have that."


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Minnesota Twins and the M&M Boys

The September Twins have been downright awful, going 2-14 in the month.

Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau (formerly paired in joyous conversation as the M&M Boys) have combined to play only 151 games due to various lingering injuries. Both are out for the rest of the season with pneumonia and concussion symptoms, respectively. Further, both had the worst offensive seasons of their respective careers.

Only three regular Twins players have played in at least 100 games: Michael Cuddyer, Danny Valencia and Ben Revere.

Our bullpen is ranked dead last in the AL in ERA. The Twins are 7 losses away from 100 losses on the year.

Seriously? I am a dedicated Twins fan. I go to games even now when they lose. I still tune in when I have the chance, but I think I should be allowed a bit of frustration here. Seriously, Twins?

Our offseason focus has to start with where Mauer and Morneau fit in. There have been rumors that Morneau might be pushed into a purely offensive position at DH because of his lingering concussion symptoms. Which... tell me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that really mean his career is over? Last I knew his concussion symptoms were affecting more of his batting than his fielding.

If that change were to happen, would that move Mauer out from behind the plate and into the first-base position?

Can we consider these boys our franchise players anymore? I certainly would like to think so. They both seem like genuine guys, but I can't quite say whether or not I believe in them.

I guess I'll find out in 2012. Yes, that's right. I still plan on going to opening day. I'm still hoping my season ticket deposit will translate into actual season tickets. And, I'm still hoping on a 2012 division championship. Let's just call it a late graduation present.

See you next year Twins.

The Minnesota Vikings Blew the Second Half

Thanks to my buddy Samantha, I was at the Vikings game on Sunday. No thanks to the coaching staff, the Vikings lost that game.

Heading into halftime, the Vikings had a great lead of 17-0. The Vikings were then outscored 24-3 in the second-half.

I firmly believe that the second half is controlled more by the coaching staff. In the first half you have a game plan already in place and the talent is in the position where it is their responsibility to carry the team towards a win. When that is executed, the team should be ahead. The Vikings were.

During halftime, the coaches review film as to what happened in the first half - what we did, what they did. From there, the coaches should be determining what will work in the next half. The Buccaneers did that. The Vikings did not.

The Bucs figured out what the Vikings were doing in the first half and formulated a plan to counteract the Vikings in the second half. The Vikings didn't change their game plan and it cost them the 'W'.

I'm disappointed in Leslie Frazier. We need to have a better plan if there is any hope at salvaging our season. I think he is a strong coach that is working with an immature team, but that's where the coach-player contact has to strengthen during halftime.

In other great news, Tyrell Johnson was arrested on suspicion of DWI.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Serena Williams is a Hot Head

As long as today's theme is 'tennis'...

Serena Williams was fined in her US Open championship game against Samantha Stosur for yelling at the chair umpire. (From what I can tell, a chair umpire is similar to a home plate umpire or the football official in white = head hauncho.) The chair umpire made a rare call at a unique time, prompting the outburst by Williams.

Williams has for some time suggested tennis has a Serena-problem as the association has fined and penalized her in the past. Seems like an appropriate suggestion from a hot head known for her obscenity-laced meltdowns.

While there were much larger fines in the past, the USTA only fined Williams $2,000 for berating this particular chair umpire.

In high school, I once yelled at a volleyball referee about a bad call (yes, it was actually a bad call) regarding a block-touch off my hit. After the game I apologized out of fear I would meet that referee again and there would be a bad vibe between the team and the refereeing authorities. I guess you could say I had ulterior motives for my apologizing, but I think the following holds true regardless: Serena Williams has some big cahoonas.

She screams at officials, avoids playing at venues that 'disrespect' her and throws tantrums over calls all unapologetically. I wish I had those kind of guts...

Or is it disrespect?

Novak Djokovic Beats Rafael Nadal in US Open Tennis

I am easily caught up in exhilarating and high-stakes sports.

Enter: US Open and Djokovic v Nadal

WOW! I've always been a fan of Andy Roddick... American and such, but when I saw the matches of Federer-Djokovic and Murray-Nadal, I became entranced by the talent of the No. 1 and No. 2 players of the world, Djokovic and Nadal  respectively.

These men sure know how to play.

Nadal has the whole exotic and erotic thing happening with his Nike-sponsored appearance and, not only is he swoon-worthy, but holds the game to back it up. Nadal's got game. In the championship, he had my support from the beginning because of his play to the crowd and overall challenge of beating the No. 1 player in the world that has had an unbelievable year. I don't think you can quite call it a 'Cinderella Story,' but the general principle applies.

Djokovic on the other hand has a brooding appearance that is so cocky its attractive. Meh, I know. Stereotypical girl loving the guy she can't have (which is implying I can have Nadal... what do you say Rafael?). Coupled with his good looks and attitude, Djokovic sports a serve that, while I was watching, topped out at 132mph. My Buick protests at 80mph (and doesn't have cup holders). So do the police.

Like the US Soccer and Women's World Cup, I'm sad that the US Open is over and have began another active search of sporting events I can follow.

There are always the Vikings...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nyjer Morgan and Chris Carpenter Smack Down

You win a couple games here and there and you start to get cocky. This video is hilarious... especially when you see the 'pen empty out in right field even though the fighting is already dispersing between the Brewers and the Cardinals. The almost-brawl started between Nyjer Morgan and Chris Carpenter.

Morgan asserted that Carpenter shouted curse words at him from the mound and, well... we all saw Morgan throw out a big FU to Carpenter. Then Morgan threw his dip at the pitcher. Mature. Albert Pujols charged and the benches cleared.

Bahhaha. I just re-watched the video and it is still funny.

Nyjer Morgan

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ticket King Minneapolis

Today I am doing some Ticket King work from Minneapolis! This office is designed/set up differently than the one in Minneapolis and I have to say I like it. The Minneapolis office is set up in a family style atmosphere with a modern vibe. The place is outfitted with Ikea-type furniture and fixtures. Love it!

A funny story... this morning when I was walking from the parking ramp to Ticket King, I had an encounter with a strange creature. A man donning a dress and flats (which were actually semi-cute) walked by me, carrying two very large garbage bags filled with aluminum cans. As he passed by me, he turned and asked, "Is today Saturday or Sunday? Amid all the excitement of last night, I lost track."

Umm... ok. Clearly he had to say something to me because I was avoiding eye contact at all cost, but really? You knew what day it is. You knew when you rolled out of your leather upholstered bed with a flower down comforter that you were going to pull on that dress no matter how much your biceps protested and that it was Saturday.

Now in St. Paul, a much more family-oriented and old-style city, I can't say that would have happened, especially since my walk to the office is about 20 paces.

Minneapolis is great, but so is St. Paul!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Twins Injury Updates

Even our draft picks are injured.

Kyle Gibson, the Twins' first-round draft pick back in '09 will undergo Tommy John surgery, putting him out completely for the 2012 season.

Justin Morneau has a headache coupled with homerun celibacy.
Denard Span also has a headache.
Joe Mauer has a neck ache, weak legs, sore shoulder, the plague and the rhino virus.
Scott Baker has elbow soreness.
Nick Blackburn has an entrapped right forearm nerve.
Alexi Casilla has a right hamstring strain. Again.
Francisco Liriano slept wrong on his left shoulder and strained it.


I tell you what; I think the Twins need to formulate an Excel spreadsheet of all our injuries just to keep track of them. What's that you say? They already have? Gosh... all my good ideas are just a day too late and a dollar too short.

Twins spring training 2012.

John Boehner Hates Football

Thanks to John Boehner's request of Obama to reschedule his speech on jobs and the economy, President Obama will now deliver his speech just before (and probably during) the NFL Opener.

I know how you feel John.

Reason? Boehner didn't want the President's speech to upstage the Republican presidential debate. First Sarah Palin and now this?!

I'm glad the Republicans continue to ruin America out of the sake of discrediting the Dems and that the Democrats, in this case President Obama, are satisfied with bending over backwards to accomodate them.

Both parties are at fault here.

With the economy in the crapper and the unemployment rate high, the one thing Americans have to hang on to are is their favorite sports team. (Unless you are a Minnesota sports fan, teams let you down less frequently than the government.)
I guess we won't have to see our hate rivals, the Green Bay Packers play the team that beat Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings to go on to the Super Bowl in 2009, the New Orleans Saints.

Word is that the White House is aware of the conflict and is speaking with the NFL to try to resolve the issue.

The President's speech is set to start a half hour earlier than the Packers Saints game.