Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twins Fever, I've Got It Too!

Thome and Punto enjoy the winningIf you have been in the Vicinity of the Central Division (baseball) lately, you know how hot the Minnesota Twin are. And I'm not talking about the attractive 'stache of Carl Pavano, the rear end of Joe Mauer, or the beckoning backhand of Danny Valencia. While I would LIKE to talk about that, I am speaking of the amazing winning season the Minnesota Twins have had.

Minnesota has Twins FEVER! While I would never classify myself as a fair-weather fan, I am a VERY hardcore Twins fanatic, I must say my temperature has definitely risen since the Twins clinched the division. I, myself, am planning on attending one of the post-season games. Target FieldPersonally, I am holding out for the World Series, but I do know this great place that has all the post-season tickets you will need.

Ticket King has the best post-season tickets available with an array of sections ready for purchase. Hop on the bandwagon and join your Minnesota Twins at Target Field as they take on their upcoming opponents on the way to the World Series. Take it from an expert, don't miss these amazing post-season match-ups.

Then, when you are at the game, you and I can discuss the various attributes our home-town boys have.

Ticket King in Real-Time

I know you love the updates pertaining to my fabulous job!

Today, before I was able to scan over the list Kristy gives me every week to keep me task oriented... actually... before I was in the building, Kortney asked me (very politely) if I knew how to get to our Minneapolis office. Minneapolis Rush Hour TrafficNope. Go figure, intern is basically a catch all phrase for anything from driving in particularly bad traffic as a result of construction to becoming trained in the art of extermination and mice removal. Hey, I'm not knocking the intern position, there is a heirarchy for a reason, ticket sales is serious stuff.

Anyway, I was on my way to Minneapolis when my low-gas light blinked on. Expletive!, I thought agonizingly, because I was hoping to have my less-than-a 1/16th of a tank last me the rest of the week. $20 dollars in the tank and I was on my way!

After successful retrieval, I saved the day again here at Ticket King... which brings me to the part where I am totally under-rated =). Now, I am here at my desk, not really my desk- I share it, checking off my weekly tasks. Lucky for you... I will be posting 3 blogs entries this week. I am too good to you.

Texas A&M Football

Ticket King, my beloved employer who has sheltered me from the I'm-too-poor-to-buy-anything-but-ramen life, is presenting my readers with the option of becoming the "12th Man". Be the 12th Man at Texas A&M What's that you say... Let me break it down.

The 12th Man is one of Texas A&M's long standing traditions. Ticket King has Texas A&M football tickets! Sure, its great to sit in front of the TV and watch the game, but why not purchase those A&M football tickets and visit College Station for a Texas football game with one of the most enjoyable football atmospheres in college sports today! Be the 12th Man.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

True Story: Ticket King Intern

Driving to Work For all of you who are priviledged to live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you must be enjoying the rainy weather we are experiencing today. Most people, according to my Facebook newsfeed, dislike the rain. However, I find it soothing and the perfect weather for my favorite clothes! When I apply to law school, I plan on applying to the University of Washington in Seatle-- Wish me luck! Anyway...

When the alarm on my BlackBerry went off today at 7 am, I most definitely wanted to stay snuggled under my 1200 thread count sheets and not come in to my beloved Ticket King. However, I took a steamy shower, managed to put myself together with makeup and styled hair, and slipped on my comfy black slacks with a matching black top from Express and drove the ten minutes to work. Of course I stopped at Dunn Bros first.

Now that I'm here, I'm back in to that comforting rhythm that I manage to find every Tuesday, Thursday. I really love my job, especially now that I have control of my own blog! Naturally then, to my excitment when I got here today, My 'To Do' list was made up of writing core articles, negotiating ad space, commenting on various blogs, and creating jersey graphics. Let me break that down for you: our core articles are the main articles that Ticket King promotes. On these sites, we offer great tickets to various events (sports, theater, concerts) at inexpensive prices. Great stuff. Negotiating ad space, one of my least favorite things, is where I have to contact various blogs to see if they are interested in doing an advertising deal with me. Sounds easy, but very back-breaking =). Blogs... self-explanatory. As is jersey graphics.

Gopher Fans

Despite being a UST Tommie through and through, I must admit, sometimes Division I sports always seem to be more competitive and possess a more actively exciting game atmospher. For this very reason, Ticket King has the best Minnesota Gopher Football Tickets available to man kind. Based out of Minneapolis, yes we're local, we offer you tickets for U of M football, basketball, and hockey.

Ticket King Minneapolis
Now pay attention, this part is important. For all you college students out there, we seriously have some great deals on tickets. Not to mention, we have a FREE local pick-up option once you purchase your tickets. Don't waste your money on delivery fees when that money can go towards your pre-gaming experience, but your Minnesota Gopher tickets with Ticket King. This is my gift to you, Gopher Fans.

To All My Fellow Bloggers

Baylor Bears Football
I am on a mission. Ticket King, my awesome employer, has some to-die-for Baylor Bears Football tickets available for sale. I have been enlisted to find various blogs to advertise said tickets on. After repeatedly striking out (wrong sport metaphor, I know)... or after repeatedly failing to score in the red zone (better?) I am asking you, my noble readers, for help. If you have a Baylor themed blog, you should definitely get in contact with me. Either leave a comment or email me (TicketKingCollege@yahoo.com). Don't let me down guys!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

College Football Makes Saturday Fun

Saturday Afternoons are popular again
Everyone has heard of the Sunday fun-day. The past couple fall seasons have managed to cast a shadow over Saturday afternoons. Not for long... College football is back and so are Saturdays. Kick off your college football season by checking out Ticket King for college-priced tickets to games across the nation. Too far you say... Are you serious? College was made for road-trips, don't kid yourself.


College Life at UST

It's me again, Allison. I knew you'd be back for more and, as a reward, you get to learn a little bit more about me.

My name is Allison and I grew up on a farm in Southern Minnesota. I'm growing up now (not to mention my blogging skills are developing at an alarming rate) and am a junior at the University of St. Thomas. Going in to this fall semester was more difficult than the previous ones... Here's why. For my spring semester of my sophomore year, my best friend and I decided to give our passports a much needed workout. We spent our spring semester studying abroad in Stirling, Scotland. Very prestigious ;).
Sam and I in Paris

While we were abroad, we traveled to 6 different countries, met amazing people, partied too much, and discovered we never had to go to class. If you put that in to an equation, pardon my shorthand, you conclude: 6dc + map + ptm + nc = not prepared for my fall semester at UST.

The Arches However, my fall semester is off to a great start. I am living with 4 awesome people in a duplex that is way too nice for college students. Amy, Samantha (study abroad buddy), Adam, and Jenny have made it a thrilling September so far. From the O2 alarm going off, to the weekly cleaning due to weekend activities, we have been kept on our toes and loving every minute of it.

Despite taking a coma-inducing amount of class credits (20), I will keep posting this blog in a valid attempt to keep my readers interest. Please stay tuned and comment if you would like to read my view on any particular issues.

Ticket King Play-by-Play

My day here at Ticket King kicked off at 8:45 after a semi-successful "Why Not Wednesday" night while watching the Twins. For those of you who don't know what that means, think of it as a PG version of the traditional Wednesday night college-happenings. Thursdays usually get more attention. Enough said. (See more of my College Life by looking to a future blog posting... it is gonna be good.)

Me and my friends Becky, Jenny, and Mara at the Twins game Vs. White SoxsWith 7 hours of work ahead of me, I decided to dig in, while maintaining a realistic view of survival. As I ticked off routine assignments that I recently mastered, the ground was pulled from under me... assignment #4: write in your new blog. Awesome.

After composing nine "filler" articles on various successful websites, I proceeded to negotiate ad space for Ticket King with a plethora of potential advertisers... In other words, I proceeded to avoid assignment #4 as it proceeded to follow me. Lil' shyster. Out of nowhere, there it was, jumping up on me at 11am... my blogging assignment. What's a girl to do? Obviously crack open the Vanilla Starbucks Frappuccino that has always been there with me through thick and thin, high and low, then hit the blogs.

Ticket King Revamp

You know how when you walk in to a room and you know no one and how those name tags seem really dorky until you don't have one and no one knows your name. Well, this is the blog world, I Allison in Venice on a FABULOUS spring break!know no one, and there are no name tags. Let's just say I am slightly out of my element.

Let me introduce myself, I am Allison, a newly instituted intern at Ticket King. I am heading up the revamp of this blog. Ticket King College used to consist of purely college game stats and ticket offers, but with me behind the wheel, this blog is going to head somewhere! (PS) The photo to the left is me in Venice, Italy!

I am a soon-to-be outstanding blogger (!) from the great state of Minnesota. While I am not busting my butt to get good grades in school, I am here at Ticket King slaving away over a computer in an attempt to bring you the most fascinating material in a new and interesting way. What a life. Wish me luck! and stay tuned ;)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Great Week 2 Games in College Football

2003 Fiesta Bowl between Miami and Ohio StateThere are some fantastic matchups this weekend in college football. Here are the ones I'm most looking forward to:

#12 Miami vs. #2 Ohio State..cough, cough 2003 National Championship rematch
#18 Penn State vs. #1 Alabama
Michigan vs. Notre Dame
#17 Florida State vs. #10 Oklahoma
#22 Georgia vs. #24 South Carolina

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise State Fends Off Virginia Tech 33-30, BCS Bound?

Boise State quarterback Kellen MooreThe #3 Boise State Broncos defeated the #10 Virginia Tech Hokies 33-30 in an instant classic opening weekend game on Labor Day. The game was a "neutral site" game played in Washington, D.C. However, anyone can acknowledge Virginia is heck of a lot closer than Idaho to D.C. Now the question looms - if Boise State runs the table (including Oregon State, a preseason ranked team), will they be BCS National Championship bound? They already moved up from #5 to #3 in the Coaches Poll and gained 7 first place votes in the AP Poll (but stayed at #3). It will be a week to week watch for Boise State, as any slip up would ensure a non-BCS Championship invite. Stay tuned.