Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The New Guy on the Block

Minnesota Golden Gopher
This is my first Ticket King college blog post. I'm the new intern and will be writing on this blog for the next upcoming months. My favorite college team is the Minnesota Gophers, hence I'm from Minnesota. I follow the hockey, basketball, and football teams closely each season. If the Gophers are out of contention or it doesn't affect the outcome, I find myself rooting for some other teams time to time. In college football those teams are Notre Dame, Boise State (constant BCS underdogs), and Iowa (sibling is an Alumni, I know, I know).

In college basketball I pull for any team that comes outside the NCAA powerhouse programs (Duke, UNC, Kansas, UCONN), as you can imagine I was cheering for Butler this past March Madness. In college hockey, I am an avid Gopher Hockey fan that will occasionally cheer for another Minnesota team if they are making a run in the Frozen Four (Bemidji State in 2009) as opposed to an East Coast team. Overall, I'm a passionate college sports fan. It's fun cheering for athletes that don't get traded, get paid, or released because of salary cap issues. It's hard to beat the college atmosphere involved in the sporting events, it's one of the best type of sporting events to attend.

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