Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My favorite Bloggers!

Well readers, I found an another Twins article I absolutely love. Check out this article on Twins Daily.

It begins with ..."Baseball and beer go together like…well….they go together so well, they should be the comparison in that kind of sentence. Like when your friend finally finds a girlfriend that is legitimately good for him. You might say “They go together like baseball and beer.” Or imagine baseball staring very intently at beer and emphasizing “You COMPLETE me.” That’s how much they belong together."

And we know everyone loves Baseball and beer so why wouldn't you want to read about it?! Take a look and read the article today!

School's Out for the Summer

GREAT NEWS! I am officially on summer break! After a Great Memorial Day filled with friends who had just returned from study abroad, my wonderful family, and NO school or work, I am finally back to work. Which is fine!

Here are some things I'm really looking forward to about summer 2013:

-My roommates and I are moving down the street to a house closer to St. Thomas and much nicer.
-Being 21 and going to happy hour after happy hour
-Having the extra time to spend however I please
-Getting tan!
-High school friends being in town!

Keep reading my blog to see what else I'm up to in the summer!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Always Forget Ticket King has GREAT Ticket Giveaways

If you follow Ticket King on Facebook or Twitter, you would know that the TWINS are hot hot hot right now! And Ticket King's facebook often does free ticket giveaways! Just a few days ago, we posted a status, "if you would like a free pair of tickets for tonight's game, tell us about a unique talent you have.... -The catch? You must be able to prove it when you come pick up your tickets! We will choose & announce several winners at 3pm today. Be prepared to show us your talent!" Isn't that hilarious?! I wish I could have been there to see all the creativity.

I guess people come in to Ticket King doing Jim Carey impressions, sticking their hand in their mouth, and plugging their nose with their upper lip.....

Want to join in the fun?! Like our Ticket King Facebook page now!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Too Sad about the Wild Season

Readers, I know you are here with me. The entire St. Paul Ticket King office is too sad with the Wild out of the playoffs so quickly. I keep telling myself that it was good while it lasted and that it was better than last year. Personally, I loved the extra ice time and seeing downtown abuzz with energy on game days. I hope you were able to catch some of the games, either at the Xcel Energy Center, or on TV at your favorite bar. Wild fans make the world go around and I for sure can't wait to see what next season brings.