Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Possible Conference Realignment

There has been a lot of talk that there could be some conference realignment. The Big Ten has been looking to add teams to increase its exposure and get more subscriptions to the Big Ten Network. They have been looking to add schools such as Mizzou, Rutgers, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh. If the Big Ten takes some of these schools (they're supposedly looking to expand to 16 teams), then expect a domino effect throughout the rest of the power conferences. With Big Ten Expansion, the Big East would almost surely cease to exist. Expect the Big 12 to attempt to add schools such as Utah or BYU or possibly New Mexico. The Pac 10 might also try to add Boise State or Utah or even Colorado. Whatever happens, expect some major changes in the power conference. It's going to be very different in the next couple of years.

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