Friday, June 4, 2010

Could Boise State Save Mountain West?

Boise State needs the Mount West Conference and the Mountain West Conference needs Boise State. On Friday, the Mountain West chairmens will vote on whether or not they should extend an invitation to Boise State University to join their conference. It would be a great move for both parties. First, the Mountain West Conference could be likely to dissolve if they don't take action because the Pac 10 and Big 12 could be looking to absorb some of their schools. By being proactive and adding Boise State, they could solidify their conference by adding a football powerhouse. Boise State needs the conference because they can increase their competition in all sports, but most importantly football. Boise State always plays in week bowls because they are amazing against a weak conference. If they were to go undefeated in the Mountain West, that argument would be flawed. This looks like a very happy marriage for years to come.

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