Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Better Overtime: NFL or NCAA?

The Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals ready for a coin flip to determine possession in overtimeCollege Football and NFL Football have two different overtimes. In the NCAA, both teams have the opportunity to win the game by getting the ball. In the NFL (now at least, just regular season), it's sudden death based on a coin flip. Although the playoffs now allow the other team to get the ball back after a field goal, the regular season still stands as sudden death. In my opinion, college football has the better overtime.

I enjoy watching both teams have a chance to win. Starting at the opposing 20 yard line gives both teams the same field position and same odds of winning. I like the epic double, triple, and even quadruple overtime games that you can see in college football. I hope someday the NFL can change to the NCAA version of overtime. For some good college football tickets, check out Duke Football Tickets!

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