Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christian Ponder Turnovers

Bah. Well that was a hard game to watch for any Vikings fans. When the Vikings were ahead then behind then ahead and ended up behind 35-32 for the final, it is tough to watch. Even harder to watch? Christian Ponder throw two picks for 10 points and a fumble that ended a short field goal attempt.

Christian Ponder agrees. He hates the rollercoaster ride that is being a rookie. He was recently quoted, "It's hard to look Jared Allen in the eyes and tell him I had two picks and a fumble and I cost us the game."

No matter what the circumstance, I would bet its hard to look Allen in the eyes - he is one intimidating guy. However, Allen was actually one of the players to support Ponder saying he would learn from his mistakes and learn to get better.

Right on. We have the rest of the season for that to happen, because next season is Skol Season.

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