Friday, July 9, 2010

Should College Football Move from BCS to Playoff Format?

BCS Logo This has been a topic for a few years of whether or not the NCAA Football should move to a playoff system. It's the million dollar question that fans and analysts have been torn on. Under the current system, the championships are operated under the BCS that computers decide who ranks #1-25. Some teams can go undefeated and still not able to compete for the championship, aka Boise State, Auburn, and Utah in recent seasons.

In my opinion, college football should figure out a playoff format so that every team deserving has a shot at the title (College Basketball has this). Maybe move the regular season to 8 games and have 3 or 4 win or lose games to decide the winner, taking the best 8-12 teams in the country. It probably is a pipedream but it is something I'd like to see happen someday.

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  1. its a risky move on top of the big aspect of it ->> MONEY. college football is all about the money and BCS system creates a lot of money