Monday, June 18, 2012

Animal Planet's Whale Wars

Hanging out with my buddy Scott the other night, we were flipping through the channels in hopes of something to watch.

We stumbled on Whale Wars. Whale Wars in a documentary-style reality TV show. The documentary follows Paul Watson and his crew as they harass Japanese whalers off the coast of Antarctica.

A little information:  The Japanese claim their whaling is legal research under international law. Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds contend the 'research' is actually a cover for banned commercial whaling.

I have been OBSESSED since seeing my first episode, which was part of season 5. I started from the beginning of season 1 and have worked my way to the almost-end of season 2.

Do yourself a favor and check out whale wars. It is SO AWESOME. You don't even have to love animals, but I am betting you will learn to love whales.

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