Monday, August 19, 2013

Goodbye to my Dearest Sister

I'm the oldest child in my family and when it was time for me to head off to college, I did so without a blink of the eye. Okay, maybe not completely true, but it was the end of summer, I was sick of a 1 AM curfew, and I was ready to get my butt to college to make some new friends and become independent. I did miss my family, but I was only 30 minutes away from my home in Shoreview and my Dad works 10 minutes away (downtown St. Paul) and likes to take me to lunch, so I was able to cope.

However (doesn't every story like this have a however?), now that it's my sisters (read: best friend) turn to head off to her first year of college (in a week from today!), it makes me teary eyed for many reasons:

1. We are all growing up. My little baby sister is already a freshman in college??
2. I only have ONE year left of college! Better start applying to Grad School so I can continue the best years of my life...
3. Ellie (said sister) is about to have a fun new life where she will meet a million more people and have an awesome college experience and leave me in the dust. Now, I know she won't but she already is in love with her roommate (who she calls "my girl") and texts all the people she met at her orientation.

The good thing is she's only going to the University of Minnesota, which is a short bike ride, easy rollarblade, and HUGE run from St. Thomas, but I've done it! Her dorm is right on River Road and it will so easy to see her. Also one of us will have a car and we already have made a pact to see each other TWICE a month. So we should be fine. I'll keep you updated with posts and news of our long distance relationship ? Is ten minutes long distance? Seems like it!

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