Friday, October 4, 2013

The Government Shut Down IS Impacting Me

I honestly didn't think the whole government shut down would impact me in one bit. I know it isn't going to last (my Dad says longer than a week) but I'm little worried.

So, to recap, I'm going to Italy in January and this is the first time I've been out of the country (besides Canada). I was waiting until my parents said FOR SURE about studying abroad; so I wouldn't have to waste money on a passport, and maybe wait until they offered to pay for it. Well they didn't offer to pay for it so I finally got my butt down to the Post Office yesterday to get the paper work in. I had everything ready: two copies of my drivers liscense, a recent picture from St. Thomas, my birth certificate, a bunch of paper work and a check for $130.

The lady helping me was very efficient and quick. At the end, however, she mentioned at the end that although she would be sending all this in, it wouldn't get processed until the government started back up again.

WHAT WHAT COME AGAIN?! So I guess it's my own fault. I should have gotten my passport this summer. But, everyone send me some positive thoughts that the government will get back to work next week so I can get my passport processed and get to ITALYYYY!


No. Just no. 

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