Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Weekend in a Nutshell

I had another great weekend, readers. As I'm sure you've picked up in my other blog posts, I'm not too excited about being a senior and graduating in eight short months.

So I'm trying to pack in a million things, get straight A's, work a bunch to make money for Italy, and say "YES" to every opportunity that gets thrown my way.

On Friday night I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to the U of M's homecoming performance, which was Passion Pit and Hoodie Allen. Literally two of my favorite musicans. I met up with my bff from high school, Niki, and her friends from college that have adopted me into their friend group. The concert was amazing. It was a great atmosphere to be in TCF Bank Stadium and the music and company was fantastic.

On Saturday, I helped celebrate my roommate, Mary's, 22nd birthday! I spent the rainy afternoon making her a fruit pizza, our go-to favorite food. We met up with a bunch of other girls for dinner at Loring Pasta Bar and then headed downtown Minneapolis with a group of 20 friends. Happy birthday, Mary!!!!

Today, I rushed back to my parents house to lay on our deck and catch the last rays of the (summer?) sun. I for sure got sun burned (I mean I was outside from 11:30-3 so...). Now I'm running on about 9 hours of sleep from this weekend (me, going out both nights?! Basically unheard of!) and I would love to go to bed, but I still have a little reading to do for my Family Communication class.

Thanks for readingggggggg! Talk to ya soon!


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