Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Ten Network Game Alert: Iowa at Michigan State

Since I was born and raised in the Big Ten, I follow those teams the closest. I am thrilled that Comcast resolved its differences with the Big Ten Network so I can watch games I really care about on a regular basis. Last night was Iowa Hawkeyes at Michigan State that started right after dinner.

Ticket King had $5 tickets for the game – yes, 5 DOLLARS. If I lived in East Lansing, Michigan I would have scooped up the seats in a second. Is ticket scalping legal in Michigan? Even if it isn’t, you could buy the tickets for $5 and sell them at face value and make money. If I was a Michigan ticket scalper, I would have scooped up the $5 tickets and sold them on the street for a definite profit. Michigan State basketball fans are loyal and why wouldn’t they be? The Michigan State basketball team is AMAZING even if they did almost let Iowa back in the game.

No. 6 Michigan State remains unbeaten in the Big Ten beating Iowa 70-63 victory. I sure hope my Golden Gophers basketball team can knock them off of their pedastal!

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