Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Target Field Experience

If you recall (and if you don't, its below...) my last post was a foreshadow of my Game 1 adventure at Target Field. Last night was the actual adventure.

The night got off to a rough start as I walked in and they didn't have my name on the list or have a nametag for me. I'm willing to help a guy out, but come on. First you don't have season tickets for me, then you don't have my nametag? Lucky my Type A personality was ready for anything, resulting in me bringing my confirmation email and my Twins Account #.

If that hadn't worked, then my hostile personality would've kicked in and had a meltdown. Fortunately for the gentleman at the table, the confirmation email did the trick.

We (Mara and I) got to the Legends Club just in time to see Dave St. Peter get grilled about the growing payroll and the receding wins. His answers were very political, which is absolutely what I expected, but still interesting to hear. It was kind of like Occupy Target Field - fans giving their opinions on The Man. There were other interesting questions, but one that particularly peeked my interest was a question about 2nd base.

St. Peter THREW Nishioka under the bus. Hardcore. It was brutal. He basically said Nishi would have to earn his spot on the team during Spring Training (duh), but that they fully expect Casilla to be playing at 2nd and will be looking for a fresh player at shortstop. So... basically this guy is willing to go out and break a leg for the Twins (literally) and we won't even grant him support as he attempts to transition. Sure, it was a rough year for him and for everyone. He played terrible and couldn't make simple catches or execute easy throws, but does that mean we give up on him?

If so, then we should have given up on the whole team a while ago.

Dave also talked a bit about moving Justin Morneau off the field and solely into a DH role. Sucks.

Anyway, back to my experience. It was great. The night really turned around after the nametag incident. There was a free ballpark food buffet and beers were only $4.50. The view was amazing with the centerfield screen lit up with Game 1. It was like an oasis in the blacked-out stadium with the Minneapolis skyline to the right. How poetic.

Towards the end of the night we went on a tour of Target Field. Let me tell you... that Champions Club is no joke. It is pretty sweet. When we were just outside the Club, our tour guide told us a story about how when the Yankees are in town, Yankee fans will fly in and purchase Champ Club tickets because they think they are such a deal. Kind of irked me because the tickets are expensive, it doesn't matter what some Yank thinks.

As the tour progressed, we got to see the underground batting cages as well as the Twins clubhouse. Interesting fact: Mauer and Morneau have the two biggest 'cubbies' (or lockers) in the whole place. They are easily twice the size of everyone else's. What is that about? The less you play the more you get? Sounds like something Michelle Bachmann would say.

Anyway, the whole experience was a lot of fun. My only disappointment of the night hinged on a bet that I made with Mara regarding the outcome of the game and the series as a whole. I put $50 on the Rangers winning it all and a beer on the Rangers winning Game 1. At least I still have the $50 to look forward to.

If I remember, I'll post some pictures of the tour and such at a later date.

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