Thursday, October 13, 2011

The New Girl

I LOVE the new Fox show titled, New Girl.

Zooey Deschanel, the main character, is hilarious! And the sister of another favorite actress of mine, Emily Deschanel of Bones. The sister-duos are extremely talented on set and both possess a delightfully kooky, yet sweet chemistry with their respective co-stars.

In life, I think both Zooey (Jess on New Girl) and Emily (Temperance) would be my reliable friends in life because I can't get enough of their awkward and comedic lifestyle. Everyday would be my new favorite.

Here is a quick and insufficient show break-down:

New Girl is a show about good-hearted, but screwed-up, young singles. (Oh heyyy my life.) Three guys, all attractive in their own respects, have an apartment. They are seeking a fourth person to split the rent. They post an ad for such on Craigslist. Enter: Zooey Deschanel (Jess).

The guys are unsure... followed by more uncertainty.

Then she informs them her friends and soon-to-be ex-roommates are models. Absent is any hesitation, and Jess moves in.

Connect the dots between three brosephs and the charming Deschanel and you can see where this awesome comedy is headed. However, as in most respects, it's the journey that matters; you can count on this one to be hilarious and, I'm guessing, sprinkled with romance.

If you haven't seen New Girl yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Now, don't cry yet, but the New Girl will be off the air soon... Temporarily, that is. Even though the show has been picked up for a full season, it'll be removed from the wavelengths for a while to make room for The X Factor episodes and the MLB playoffs/World Series coverage. I only approve of this decision because 1) I love baseball and 2) you should respect your elders, of which baseball most certainly is.

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