Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Little Family Trip

Hey readers!

Welllllll I just got back from a twelve day, back-packing, wilderness adventure in Glacier Nation Park with my wonderful family. We all squeezed into our mini-van jammed packed with tents, firewood, sleeping bags, and (most importantly) enough food for a month.

Now, don't get me wrong, it was a GREAT vacation. I'm just not the most outdoorsy person ever, so while my younger siblings would run, literally run, the 20 mile hikes we did, I preferred to take in the scenery. Lots of scenic stops and lots of munching on sunflower seeds and trail mix. Sorry.

High point: The last day we finally convinced my father to take an "easy day", so instead of doing a 15+ mile hike, we found a secluded spot on St. Mary's Lake and hung out there for about five hours. Hot sun, great views, glacial cold water ( I went in three times though because it was too hot otherwise!), and a private beach. Sounds like paradise. Can I go back now?

One more high point: On the way back from a particularly difficult hike, we came across a BEAR on the trail. She was just chillin', but still. I've never seen my father as scared as he was seeing this majestic (killer) animal. I was shaking, but it was SO awesome to see this wild animal up so close. Not many hikers come across bears on the trail, we were super lucky!

Low point: My family doesn't really believe in sunscreen, so after lathering on SPF 4 (with tanning oil oops), we left Montana redder than a tomato!  Because of the added elevation of Montana compared with St. Paul, the sun is doubly strong. Days later, I'm peeling so hardcore.

Great weather, good company, so much good food, lots of physical activity, and an awesome time in God's country! We even met up with one of my friends from school, Maria, who is working out there! It was great to see a familiar face, and I'm know she loved exchanging stories of Glacier.

AND one of the best (or worst, I can't decide) things was we had no cell-service, TV access, NOTHING. We didn't know what was going on in the world at all! It was soo nice not having to check my emails, not being attached to my phone, just to take in nature and not have to deal with anything. When we got back into civilization about nine day later, I checked my phone and felt the love from my friends on my Facebook page. However, when my sister and I checked our phones, we both had gaps in our texts.  (cue angry voice!)We received none of our texts for a period of five days!!@#@!!! Lost in cyber space, I guess. Whatever.

 BUT, All in all, it was a perfect time! I didn't even bust my knee from hiking 6 miles down a straight mountain! ;)

Take a peek at some of the jaw-dropping places we went!


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