Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 London Olympics

I have been obsessed with the Olympics. After coming back from my vacation, I started tuning in to catch up! Even though I do work at Ticket King, I'm not the biggest sports fan ever, but something about the Olympics is just so exciting!

Some of my favorite events are swimming, diving, and beach volleyball. I'm constantly checking the medal count, downloaded a NBC Olympics app on my phone, and even check up on my favorite events while they're live streaming online at work.

Side note: All my friends and I think that Ryan Lochte is the hottest thing since, well since Michael Phelps. But is he actually stupid? Check out this hilarious video about how Ryan is great at swimming, but less great at talking. And this article about his Twitter style. I couldn't stop laughing.

Check this out to keep updated on the medal count!

What have been your favorite things to watch and cheer for? Go USA!

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