Thursday, August 30, 2012

Minnesota Vikings Helga Hats at Ticket King

Yes, Vikings fans and Ticket King costumers. 

Helga hats are back in action, so don't you dare forget to pick up your FREE Helga hats and come grab your Vikings tickets too! We have plenty of hats for everyone, but get them fast at Ticket King St. Paul before they run out!

Ashley, from Minneapolis office, is dressed to 
impress in her vikings gear and Helga hat! 

Also, come hockey season (which is going to be WILD.... sorry about the pun), Ticket King will be giving away Puck hats! Want to support the MN Wild? Nothing says it better than a free Puck hat! AND we have great deals on tickets too! Stop in today to check it out. 

Follow the Ticket King St. Paul blog to know when to get your free hats for sporting events in Minnesota!

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