Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blue Door Pub

Last year, I lived in a house on the corner of Fairview and Dayton in St. Paul, MN. It was quite a hike to campus, especially to South Campus (30 min walk, MAX), but my parents bought me a bike and two good pairs of brown rider boots to walk to campus, so it wasn't too bad.

However, the best part about this location was the fun location. The Blue Door Pub was in my backyard! This made my and my roommates late nights more tolerable because we could order half off tater tots (a huge to go container was $2!) and made football afternoons SO MUCH tastier. 

It's only the Blue Door Pubs 4th year of being opened (TODAY! Happy anniversary, baby), and yet it is already a St. Paul favorite. 

Check it out sometime if you are looking for some GREAT hamburgers, or more specifically, a Juicy Blucy. My favorite is the Luau. My dad is coming tomorrow to take out my air conditioner and help us set up mouse traps.... yeah..... so I think I'll let him take me to dinner at The Blue Door Pub because it just sounds so dang good. 

Happy eats!

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