Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tommie Johnnie: It Happened

The best day of my college career happened last weekend.

That's right. It beat any birthday I've celebrated, any night out on town, any weekend trips to Madison.

What was it? The Tommie Johnnie football game, of course!

This year has already been stressing me out with an on campus job, off-campus internship, and four busy classes. I feel like I'm going to throw up every time I go to Spanish. Every night I get home between 5:15 (earliest) and 7 pm (latest) and promptly want to go to bed. But I will persist, and this will make me stronger!  (Cheesy, sorry.) But I had been looking forward to the Tommie Johnnie game and knew it would be a grand old time!

So, anyway, I took a party bus up to St. Johns in Collegeville with a bunch of my friends and it was the BEST.

Woke up at 7:45 to a beer (or three) and eggs from my lovely roommate, Molly. Got to the party bus at about 8:30 and it left at 9. (This is all AM, keep in mind.)

We got to the St. Johns at 11ish and the game started at 12:10. Of course, St. Thomas won. Wouldn't expect anything less.

Got home at 6. What? Where did all the time go? I have no idea.

I'm in the middle! This may or may not be my profile picture.

Want to see some more pics? Check out this link on facebook of professional pics that a reporter from TommieMedia (our school newspaper) took! I'm actually in a lot of them.....


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