Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gooo Twins!

Okay, out with the truth.

I only went to two Twins games this summer. I know, I know. I'm sorry. No excuses, just play harder.

Feeling very regretful, and with eight home games left, I spent all week badgering anyone and everyone I know (like my cute Spanish partner and my roommates friends) to go to a game with Ticket King's FIVE DOLLAR TICKETS. (  Now, I am very confused why no one accepted this offer.... Maybe because it's the first full week of school? I guess college kids hardly have time to sleep, let alone go to a four hour Twins game.

So, last night I was eating dinner at 6:30 when I got a call from my best friend from work, Lesley. "Raaach what are you doing? My dad just gave me two Twins tickets in the dugout, wanna go?"

Umm yess...

So she picked me up and it was the best Twins experience I've had in a long time (even though Joe Mauer didn't play and the Twins haven't even been playing decently....).

And I'm trying to convince my lovely parents to have a family day on Sunday and take a trip out to Target Field.

Only two home weekends of Twins baseball left, people! Get your tickets now before you feel regretful, like I did!

Photo: Twins game with the cutest! :)

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