Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twins Fever, I've Got It Too!

Thome and Punto enjoy the winningIf you have been in the Vicinity of the Central Division (baseball) lately, you know how hot the Minnesota Twin are. And I'm not talking about the attractive 'stache of Carl Pavano, the rear end of Joe Mauer, or the beckoning backhand of Danny Valencia. While I would LIKE to talk about that, I am speaking of the amazing winning season the Minnesota Twins have had.

Minnesota has Twins FEVER! While I would never classify myself as a fair-weather fan, I am a VERY hardcore Twins fanatic, I must say my temperature has definitely risen since the Twins clinched the division. I, myself, am planning on attending one of the post-season games. Target FieldPersonally, I am holding out for the World Series, but I do know this great place that has all the post-season tickets you will need.

Ticket King has the best post-season tickets available with an array of sections ready for purchase. Hop on the bandwagon and join your Minnesota Twins at Target Field as they take on their upcoming opponents on the way to the World Series. Take it from an expert, don't miss these amazing post-season match-ups.

Then, when you are at the game, you and I can discuss the various attributes our home-town boys have.