Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ticket King in Real-Time

I know you love the updates pertaining to my fabulous job!

Today, before I was able to scan over the list Kristy gives me every week to keep me task oriented... actually... before I was in the building, Kortney asked me (very politely) if I knew how to get to our Minneapolis office. Minneapolis Rush Hour TrafficNope. Go figure, intern is basically a catch all phrase for anything from driving in particularly bad traffic as a result of construction to becoming trained in the art of extermination and mice removal. Hey, I'm not knocking the intern position, there is a heirarchy for a reason, ticket sales is serious stuff.

Anyway, I was on my way to Minneapolis when my low-gas light blinked on. Expletive!, I thought agonizingly, because I was hoping to have my less-than-a 1/16th of a tank last me the rest of the week. $20 dollars in the tank and I was on my way!

After successful retrieval, I saved the day again here at Ticket King... which brings me to the part where I am totally under-rated =). Now, I am here at my desk, not really my desk- I share it, checking off my weekly tasks. Lucky for you... I will be posting 3 blogs entries this week. I am too good to you.

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  1. try driving around in southern mn where every other road is flooded out!