Thursday, September 23, 2010

True Story: Ticket King Intern

Driving to Work For all of you who are priviledged to live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you must be enjoying the rainy weather we are experiencing today. Most people, according to my Facebook newsfeed, dislike the rain. However, I find it soothing and the perfect weather for my favorite clothes! When I apply to law school, I plan on applying to the University of Washington in Seatle-- Wish me luck! Anyway...

When the alarm on my BlackBerry went off today at 7 am, I most definitely wanted to stay snuggled under my 1200 thread count sheets and not come in to my beloved Ticket King. However, I took a steamy shower, managed to put myself together with makeup and styled hair, and slipped on my comfy black slacks with a matching black top from Express and drove the ten minutes to work. Of course I stopped at Dunn Bros first.

Now that I'm here, I'm back in to that comforting rhythm that I manage to find every Tuesday, Thursday. I really love my job, especially now that I have control of my own blog! Naturally then, to my excitment when I got here today, My 'To Do' list was made up of writing core articles, negotiating ad space, commenting on various blogs, and creating jersey graphics. Let me break that down for you: our core articles are the main articles that Ticket King promotes. On these sites, we offer great tickets to various events (sports, theater, concerts) at inexpensive prices. Great stuff. Negotiating ad space, one of my least favorite things, is where I have to contact various blogs to see if they are interested in doing an advertising deal with me. Sounds easy, but very back-breaking =). Blogs... self-explanatory. As is jersey graphics.


  1. i love the rainy weather too!

  2. I hate the RAIN!!
    Now don't get me started on WINTER! SNOW!!
    How long tell summer and softball season???

  3. You are doing a great job with your assignments...Even the back breaking ad space negotiations. You will get into a rythm, I have faith in you!