Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Salute You, Tommie Football

Who was a part of the largest crowd, 16,421 in MIAC history on Saturday... this girl. On October 3rd, I experienced the most epic Tommie/Johnnie game ever, with an overtime win in the bag for my Toms. Quickly, Facebook blew up clever statuses pertaining to the win, youtube videos went up to network SJU's defeat, and UST students stormed the field in a thundering and, somewhat, belligerent manner. TOMMIES! TOMMIES! TOMMIES! Please read on for my first attempt at a rendition dedicated to the University of St. Thomas Tommie football team.

Channel "Real Men of Genius":
(Real Men of Genius)

Today, I salute you Tommie Football Extrodinaires.
(Tommie Football Extrodinaires)
Any football player can score with a Bennie, but it takes real skill to beat the Johnnies with hefty Bennies oggling you in your sleek grey pants.
(Oddly disturbing!)
Bred to perfection, men of the pigskin, you tirelessy scored touchdown after touchdown to appease your belligerent fans.
(Johnnies Suck!)
Time out? You don't need a stinking time out.
No one knows the guts it takes to step in to Clemens Stadium and play a pack of frustrated Johnnies.
(Purple and Red!)
So crack open an ice-cold beverage, Tommy Toms, because the way you pounded that ball in to the red zone impressed even the most experienced Johnnies.
(Whoa whoa whoa!)

That is pretty much all I have to say about my day on Saturday, which, mind you, is much more than people could ACTUALLY say on Saturday... weird. I suppose I need some sort of disclaimer here... I am in no way affiliated with Budweiser, yet I do find myself hanging around Budweiser often.

And sorry if you found this inappropriate, but I find Johnnies/Bennies to be highly inappropriate so, please, excuse yourself.

Coming up this weekend: Auggie/Tommie. Sharing a duplex and yard domain with 5 Auggie baseball players... this weekend could get real interesting real fast.

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