Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final Moments in LSAT Preparation

The time is winding down on my 6-month study hiatus. In one week I will have completed my LSAT examination and already have 24 hours of celebrating under my belt (18 if you subtract the time I will be in class actively not celebrating).

Thinking about next Tuesday brings me a huge feeling of relief. Don't get me wrong, I am nervous for the test, but not in ways you might think. I am not nervous for the questions - I know them. I am not nervous because of the stress - I have been stressed for months and have been able to manage it. No, I am nervous for what comes after the test. Logical reasoning, strategic reading and logic games have been my life for half a year now. When was the last time you were committed to anything for that long that 1) isn't caffeine and 2) you weren't financially compensated for.

When those 3 aspects are cut from my life after a four hour period during which I reach the upper epsilons of what the human brain can handle (this is actually true by the way) I might feel a little lost... I can't tell you the hours I have logged in the library pouring over inferences, paradoxes, assumptions and the like. The meltdowns that have ensued from and the time consumed by topic, scope, purpose and main idea. Or the actual enjoyment I get from solving sequencing, distribution and selection games.


While I am nervous, I am also excited. I can't wait to visit schools, apply to those school and start living my future.

In the meantime though, it seems as if I may need a hobby.

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