Friday, May 20, 2011


The Minnesota Twins (15-27) are one game short of reaching their season-high of four consecutive wins. I say that for those of you who have stopped watching... those of us who have remained faithful couch potatoes perched in front of the flat screen know the Twins have just won three in a row.

The former group of bandwagon, fair-weather-fans should be ashamed of themselves.

The Twins are left, barely above water, with 15 games below the break-even mark. They also hold a minus-81 run differential with the next-worst team boasting a minus-53. The Twins have the games largest division deficit at 12 1/2 games, the fewest home wins and an offense that regularly scores three runs or less. Yes, the Minnesota Twins have the worst record in the American League and, just as you would expect, none of us hard-working Minnesotans feel bad for them.

However, the Twins hold an attitude that says their last place, sub-par status is anything but permanent. You fans that have bailed, joined the Indians' bandwagon, maybe started following Tiger Woods' impending demise... be ashamed. When Morneau starts hitting regularly, Nishioka can walk on both his legs, Mauer plays and Plouffe starts consistently making throws within this zip code... you'll be the ones with your heads drooped, avoiding all eye contact. You'll be embarrassed at yourselves.

I, probably more than anyone I know, am excited about this potential season turnaround, but I also understand this isn't the most important Twins news.

Harmon KillebrewHarmon Killebrew. No matter how well the Twins are doing, how well or poorly they finish, we will always remember this season as the season that baseball lost one of the greats.

Killebrew didn't give up his fight with cancer easily and we should take a page from his epic book. When times are tough, take hold of the deepest strength you can muster and push forward. Take tough times in stride and be the most admirable person you can be.

Remember Harmon Killebrew. Play for Harmon Killebrew. Win for him.

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