Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ryan Braun Engaged?

Ryan Braun, the slugger for the Milwaukee Brewers, had a memorable day last Friday not because of the 14-7 win over Houston, but because he was proposed to on a piece of paper... by a fan.

... A fan that was not his girlfriend.

During the game, a young woman held up a sign that said, "Marry Me, Ryan," and smartly added her cell number. Sounds like a keeper so far... really in-tuned with societal norms. The young woman, Robin, apparently thought the phone number was a good idea. Yes, sure was honey.

Braun attempted to give Robin a call (how did he get her number? oh, wait...) afterward to politely decline, but with the over 200 calls and 600 messages, her voicemail was full oddly enough.

In recent days, other clever individuals have created copycat signs, but none quite as smart as Robins. You go girl. (look at that picture, can you blame her?)

Ryan BraunI guess I can take a learning lesson away from Robin's unfortunate situation. Instead of my cell phone, I'll probably use my email when I propose to Blackburn... I can just block all incoming messages except his - it'll be like our private means of correspondence. Can you say, "Meant to be?"

I just have one question: to the friends who attended the game with Robin, "What were you thinking? You guys are real standup friends, letting her broadcast her cell number to the world. Stay classy."

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  1. What an idiot to call her - obviously she will stalk you.
    I do not feel even remotely bad for the guy.