Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Minnesota Twins Call up Rene Rivera

Rene Rivera
The Minnesota Twins called up Rene Rivera to back up Drew Butera in the absence of Joe Mauer.

Mauer is still plagued by the mysterious disablement of bi-lateral leg weakness.

With Mauer gone, the organization has been grasping at straws to fill the offensive position Mauer boasts in the lineup. However, Butera and Steve Holm have struggled mightily to give to team any kind of hit or run production at the plate.

Butera is hitting .111 with a .158 on-base percentage while Holm hit .118 in six games. Not the kind of production the Twins need right now.

Rivera, who is still considered an improvement as far as batting averages go, is only hitting .200 in Triple-A.

The Twins are currently last in the AL in batting average (.230), runs (89) and home runs (13).

Maybe the Twins should consider giving away more of those sweet WeFest Cowboy hats before people decide to stop showing up... Those would be the bandwagon fans I am talking about... Who cares about a silly WeFest hat?

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