Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proud to be a Politician

A democracy, a form of government in which all citizens have an equal say in life-affecting decisions, is said to be the ultimate form of governing. The United States is democratic.

Can the form of government withstand the improprieties of the politicians who maneuver it?

Just in the past week or two, several U.S. and foreign politicians have hit the spotlight because of their less-than-political propositions. Here are a few:

Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently discovered to have followed in the unsavory footsteps of former President Bill Clinton when he had an affair "because he could". Schwarzenegger looked close to home for a sexual adventure with his family's housekeeper, which seems so traditional, despite the fact he is married. Men in power love women without none. Employer-employee relationships are the things of movies and, more often than not, those type of movies are based on real life.

The only stray from Clinton's "because I could" fairytale is Schwarzenegger's love child (as far as we know). This complicating, but not unusual factor became the limelight of the spotlight on California's former governor because the he deliberately tried to hide the child's identity and relationship to himself.

Sarah Palin recently just made a documentary. We aren't talking the stuff of Al Gore either. The documentary appears to be solely about herself... which is modest. Modesty, for me isn't the issue however, who cares really? My issue is that it is a documentary about herself and that worries me because I do not want Sarah Palin to further attempt movie stardom. It is bad enough she conducts all these interviews and we have to hear about them... I don't want to pop on IMBD one day to see she has landed a lead role in some romantic-comedy.

As much as I don't want Palin in politics, I would rather her there than on the Big Screen... at least we can hope Americans will be smart enough to not vote her in to anything ever again. Hmm... maybe that previous statement should be reversed and we should be hope Americans are thrifty enough to not see one of her hypothetical movies...

John Edwards may face charges for the illegal use of campaign funds to cover up an illegitimate love child (I do not necessarily understand that expression - to be an illegitimate child I feel like you have to be oh so close to human, but not quite there... like an ape... to be illegitimate) and affair. I see a theme trending.

My question is... should we care about the lives of politicians outside of their job: politics?

Does the mismanagement of their personal lives reflect the potential for their careers, and in turn our country, to spiral out of control as well? OR: Do we leave home at home, in Palin's case the igloo at the igloo, and the office at the office? Do politicians have the ability to compartmentalize their indiscretions in a way that it won't affect there work, meaning the American people should only focus on the politicians political assets or not?

Back when Brett Favre's scandal was at the height of its career, I instructed fans to separate his poor off-the-field choices from his playing career. I stand by that decision, but also think his decisions off the field are not ones that would affect the decisions he makes on the field, nor would it affect the fans.

In the case of politicians, the blackmail that could potentially accompany infidelity could affect the decisions of politicians and citizens. A little bargaining power in favor of the one who 'knows' could go a long way.

The poor decisions these people make outside of the office reflect on their character and their character embodies through and through the types of choices they make in any situation. There is no line between home and the office for politicians.

As for politicians hitting the silver screen... unless you are doing it for the betterment of the country, its citizens or the world... its not considered multitasking. It is considered you not having enough passion for your political career that you must venture off in to the world of Hollywood. Why should we vote for you if your passion does not lie with the betterment of America?

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