Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its a Toss-Up between Blackburn and Pavano

I can't decide... it should be easier than what it is, but frankly I'm back and forth on it almost everyday: who is more pleasing to look at?

Carl PavanoCarl Pavano's stache is just so spicy I can't help but think it is his most redeeming attribute. I can't take my eyes away. Plus the whole 'tall, dark and handsome' thing is definitely working for him.

Yet... when Balckburn's turn in the pitching rotation comes around... I'm not so definitive.

Nick BlackburnNick Blackburn. The name says it all. Plus he has the facial hair thing too... what a hot mess. And he is also tall, dark and handsome. (Well I guess I've found 'my type')

They are both righties, which I can appreciate. Being one myself, I know we would have something in common to talk about.

Blackburn edges out Pavano when it comes to ERA, but that has nothing to do with looks (unless an ERA were to get so bad I could no longer look at the guy).

I knew this was a close call when I went to look at their debut dates and college education.

Blackburn is obviously younger and debuted later... meaning if we dated I probably would get to go to more games overall. Plus, he went to college - not one I've ever heard of, but he went. Pavano didn't. I don't know if I like that. And then, I remember Pavano played for the Yankees. I KNOW I don't like that. And married... as a side note.

When it seems cut and dried that Blackburn is my man... I realize I can't commit to just one.

Oh well... guess I just wasted another day in a lover turmoil. =)

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  1. it's not even a competition.
    it's like comparing a porsche to a geo-metro.
    congrats Blackburn, I love you.