Friday, April 29, 2011

Minnesota Twins Are Losing... Excessively

My favorite team in the whole world is losing and losing badly. My most recent game-attendance was on Thursday, 29th for the 12:10 game.

The Twins lost 15-3. I developed a migraine the size of Texas and was the last person you wanted to talk to. My team is 9-15 and rounding out the bottom of the American League Central. I am actually speechless about the development of this season; I thought for sure the Twins would be something close to undefeated by now and close to pre-ordering their world champions rings. How off was I?

Now don't worry, I will keep watching, cheering and wearing my Twins cap, but seriously... something needs to change.

Maybe we could start with our roster...

Rene Tosoni Minnesota TwinsYesterday, at the game, I had the privilege of welcoming Rene Tosoni to Minnesota and the MLB while watching other Minnesota newbies Steve Holm and Luke Hughes. No where to be seen (if you avoided looking at the dugout) where Joe Mauer, Tsuyoshi Nisioka, Delmon Young, Jim Thome or the winning team I expected.

Don't get me wrong, I was seriously impressed by the performance of Tosoni (he has a gun that I expect will result in many throw-outs at home), but a strong throw and a cute baby face aren't the type of features I expected to be awed by this season.

I want wins! But... who doesn't right? I guess I will just have to remain satisfied with the idea that the Twins will turn it around, players will get healthy and the division title is not yet out of sight. Even in the bleakest situation -- if the Twins do continue their downward spiral -- I have a much better chance of getting season tickets next year.

Ho humm.

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