Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Michael Cuddyer: 2nd basemen, Journalist

This 2011 Minnesota Twins season has generated new things for Michael Cuddyer.

Michael Cuddyer Ft. Myers
Michael Cuddyer, who typically plays right field, stepped up and took over the position of second base when Nick Swisher took the legs right out from under Tsuyoshi Nishioka - no pun... yes, it was intended. While Cuddyer has been performing soundly at second, I still find it slightly amusing watching him play there... I guess I didn't realize he was as versatile as he has proven to be.

While it is amusing, the visual of Cuddy at 2 is not even within the reach of how funny his role in the Jim Thome Commercial featuring the Big Blue Ox is. Hiiii larious. Each role is played seamlessly. Thome, while sporting an exaggerated albeit funny Minnesota accent, as the huge lumberjack who obviously befriended Babe in the Minnesota Twins locker room... Cuddy spitting his water out at the site of the aforementioned scenario... and Joe Mauer doing anything in the public eye. The perfect combination.

Cuddyer has now taken his talents off the field, from behind the camera, and to the laptop as a journalist for Fox Sports North. He is featured as a baseball insider and provides exclusives the would otherwise remain elusive to us common folk. I've read his stuff and I have to say its pretty good - I even bookmarked it. With Cuddyer expanding upon his talents, one has to wonder where his focus lies?

If you were my Grandpa, which you aren't because he doesn't have a computer, you would say Cuddyer's season went downhill when he grew/contracted/sprouted that wart on his foot before spring training. Grandpa hasn't been too fond of Cuddy ever since. Further, (if you were Grandpa) you would swear at the TV every time Cuddyer did something wrong and mumble something about lack of focus.

I watched a game with my Grandpa over the holiday weekend and kind of prodded at him until he explained why Cuddyer made him so irate: he thinks Cuddyer has split his focus too many times, resulting in a failure to concentrate on baseball.

What do you think?

Me? Well... I think Cuddy is batting .240 (which could be better, but after missing spring training, what do you expect?), covering for Nishioka (probably not his ideal situation), and has come in clutch in recent games. Plus, I like his articles.

Until I can definitely see otherwise, I think Cuddyer has his life (and his game) in control and should keep doin' his thang.

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