Friday, April 1, 2011

Twins Tickets!

After my disappointing failure to get season tickets, which I am still not over, I did my best to order a plethora of Twins tickets in the pre-sale and sale to the general public. While it was my intent to purchase 20 or so games, Mom didn't think too highly of that.

Neither did every other Twins fan in Minnesota. My pre-sale experience went a little something like this:

1:58 pm - log on the twins site with my one-time-use password
2:00 pm- the time you were supposed to log in; tickets went on sale...
7:30 pm- finally released from the virtual waiting room and gain access to the limited quantity tickets

That is right, folks. I waited in the Twins virtual waiting room for 5.5 hours. What do I have to show for it? A game against Tampa Bay on April 28th and a game against the dirty White Sox in September. "That's all?" you might be asking. Well yes, because there were very few games left. Imagine my disappointment after shelling out the deposit to have no season tickets and then, to sacrifice almost 6 hours to have two games. This season was looking like a big joke to me.

On March 18th, I received a text message from my bestie, Mara. Now Mara and I are notorious for radical, last minute plans (thanks to me, we usually have an itinerary) and what she proposed was no different. Mara wanted to go wait in line at Target Field on March 19th for tickets. These tickets went on sale at 10 am and she wanted to go down at... ehhh... 9:30 or so. Now me being the brains of all our operations knew that the rabid fans of Minnesota would allow no such thing - we would have to get there by at least 7. Good thing.

By the way... Mara did say she asked me because of anyone she knows, I would be the only person crazy enough to do this.

Now Mara was in the cities on some family business, staying at a ritzy hotel near the theater district. I went down to said hotel at around 6:30, mooched some complimentary breakfast and headed off to Target Field. Lucky for Mara, I only brought one yard chair =). Good joke, I thought. She didn't.

We waited in line for 3 hours and all we have to show for it are... OPENING DAY TICKETS! YANKEE TICKETS! AND BOSTON TICKETS!

When we got to Target Field, it is my best estimate that forty people were in front of us, some of which had camped out in line for 15 hours, and by the time it was all said and done 300 behind us. We are so smart. I would say it was well worth the wait! I am way too excited and I can't believe how lucky I ended up. Hey, if at once you don't succeed... try, try again. Or something.

Ticket Sales at Target FieldTicket Sales at Target Field

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