Friday, April 29, 2011

Ozzie Guillen is at it Again

Ozzie GuillenProbably my favorite MLB Manager, secondary to Gardenhire of course, is Ozzie Guillen. I don't love him for his genius baseball strategy, but his outrageous behavior and lack of fluent English.

His most recent public outburst happened in the cyber-world following his on-field outburst. Haha.. this guy. A mere minute after being tossed from a game where the White Sox were playing the New York Yankees, Ozzie Guillen took to Twitter.

Paul Konerko was called out on strikes, on a pitch that was below Konerko's knees, and clearly the level-headed Guillen found this distressing. During this Konerko at-bat, Guillen barked at the plate umpire Todd Tichenor (who also has a Twitter account, but has yet to tweet).

When Konerko was struck out on the less-than-a-quality-strike pitch, Guillen was perched on the top step of the dugout and, after being warned by Tichenor to not take one step on the field, Guillen disobediently did not comply and ventured out.

Guillen name dropped a couple of other umpires of whom he claims to have a personal connection with, Steve Palermo and Richie Garcia, and continued that he didn't care who Tichenor was. I can't say why, but that seems slightly irrelevant to me.

Guillen was quoted on ESPN saying, "I ask if that pitch was a strike. I think he got angry very quick. He couldn't hear what I say and that's all. When he kick me out, he has the right 100 percent."

Interpret that accordingly.

Before the next play had even resumed, @OzzieGuillen became active with angry posts. Guillen commented that the ejection was going to cost him a lot of money and that it was "patetic". And continued in another tweet that, "Today a tough guy show up at yankee stadium," referring, what can only be assumed, Tichenor. My theory is he was referring to himself.

When asked about his Twitter outburst, Guillen has yet another outburst saying, "I no worry about that. Let's talk about [expletive] baseball. [Expletive] tweeting."

I would like to point out, while Guillen seems to have a hot head, he clearly kept a calm sense about him when, after being ejected, he kept his composure and remembered to freak out online as well. Now that is what I call calm and collected.

Ozzie Guillen has overreaction down to a science and who doesn't appreciate that?

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  1. his English (can we even call it that) honestly makes my blood boil.