Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twins > BoSox... Simple Math

A quick Google search informed me that 33 out of 45 ESPN Experts picked the Boston Red Sox to win the 2011 World Series. Never before has a team won the World Series after a 0-6 start. Too bad for Boston... because that is EXACTLY where those suckers are. So sad. While we are only talking about less than 4% of the season... I see no hope for Boston reaching the playoffs, let alone their expected 100 wins and over 1000 runs scored. Callme skeptical.

Meanwhile... in the Midwest our Twinkies haven't started off so hot either. After a couple hugely disappointing losses in Toronto and a few expected losses in the Bronx, the Twins sit at 2-4 heading in to the Home Opener against Oakland. I had hoped for better. I had hoped Mauer would stop hitting grounders and bat higher than .077 and that Nishioka would stack up to be the defensive player the Club claimed him to be. I had also hoped that Pavano would have less than the 16 ERA he has now. But... those hopes are not being realized.

What do I do? I love the Twins with my whole heart anyway. I plan my days around Twins games. And I sit through the whole game... no matter how brutal it is because that is what a Twins fan does.

Target Field
Don't get me wrong... the Twins are not the best team in the AL Central (raise your hand if you are ashamed to be behind the Royals), but my calculations tell us we are better than the 33-out-of-45 Red Sox and... that sounds pretty good.


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  1. Forgot to add that we hoped Nishioka wouldn't break his leg! Lets be honest here though, the Blue Jays and Bronx Bombers are great teams so everything is okay, right? WRONG, Twins need to win their division to make the playoffs so we can lose in a quick 3 games like usual once we get there. The only games that matter this year are the division games!
    Side note Milwaukee away series is on a weekend this year! I'm thinking ROADTRIP!!!