Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Favre Tracker

Leslie Frazier told reporters yesterday that Brett Favre will NOT be placed on the Injured Reserve list, which would end his 2010 season play, after suffering a concussion on Sunday against Chicago. Frazier maintains that Favre has always been some sort of super human with super-healing powers so he can heal super fast. Frazier went on to say that the team has yet to dismiss Favre for even the upcoming game against Philly; he still may play. It wouldn't surprise me if he returned and it shouldn't surprise anyone, frankly.

But is Favre's return the best thing for the organization?

I don't think so. I am not a Favre critic. I love him actually, but if he is truly the competitor he continually shows us, he should know that now is the time the Vikings need to utilize younger and less experienced quarterbacks to promote future wins. Now is the time to train and develop -- we need to rebuild the program so we are (somewhat) ready for post-Favre play. With Jackson on IR, it is Webb's turn to illustrate why he is in the NFL and why he should be a starting QB. Thus far we have not seen either of those two criteria met.

With nothing to lose, no playoff spot on the line, the Vikings should humbly admit that this season isn't much to brag about, but set the stage for 2011 bragging rights by early QB development.

Joe Webb
As a reminder for those who have been entranced by the Brett Favre whirlwind, Joe Webb is a rookie from Alabama-Birmingham. He was a sixth-round pick the Vikings had intended to convert to wide receiver. That plan was scrapped after the discovery of Webb's impressive arm in addition to his freaky atheltic talent.

I thank you, Favre, for you great work ethic, outstanding performance in 2009 and commitment in 2010, but now is the time to take your talent off the field and transfer it into wisdom -- wisdom that can be passed on to another Vikings QB. That is how your legacy will survive.

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