Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Holiday Plans

Holiday Break <3!>
As of right now, 12:21 pm on 12/22, all that stands between me is about 11 hours of work, 3 hours of my LSAT course, 4 hours of LSAT homework, packing, moderate cleaning, and about two hours of travel across snow blanketed Minnesota. I can't wait!

My favorite part of the Holidays is spending time with my family. While that is obviously cliche, it is very true. This year my entire family will be congregating at my Grandpa's house. While we have family Christmas at my Grandpa's every year, this is the first year in... 5 or so years where everyone will be there. We are talking about 20 or so people.

This means that all the cousins, myself included, will probably play ruthless games that involve insults and extreme ridicule for the losers (I'm glad I always win. It is basically a fact). It means that Grandpa will fall asleep with his arm in his shirt while everyone else is obnoxiously loud -- and we love him for it because it is obviously a super power. It means everyone will love the food that Mom makes, yet there will be leftovers for weeks. It means screaming kids for a while, but then, after the storm, comes the calm of naps, movie marathons, present exploration and more naps.

Another favorite part of the Holidays is getting to see my favorite puppy in the world, Dopey. I have uploaded pictures of my ridiculous creature for your entertainment. This is the dog that, when I come home from school and haven't seen him in a month or so, I have to ignore his excitement when I walk in the door or he will wet himself... all over the house. He will actually lay on his back and... well then Dopey become Ol' Faithful.

If he could read this, he would most definitely be embarassed. But I love him so much and this is the best way I know how to show that.

I am very, very excited for my upcoming Holiday plans. I hope you enjoy yours as well. You will hear from me again after the first of the year... well... I may have some surprise posts for you. Check back! Happy Holidays!

Dopey Dog
Dopey Dog

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