Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Break

I can't wait for Holiday Break!!! While I won't really have much of a break with my LSAT class a couple times a week for hours and working 15-20 hours a week, I am still excited to see my family for Christmas. And my dog Dopey.
It has been a while since everyone was able to coordinate their schedules and come home to the small rural farm all on the same day. Yes, that's right! From Fargo, Rochester and the Cites my family will flock to the my small town southwest of Mankato, MN. I couldn't be more excited!!

What are your Holiday plans?

The only things seperating me and my family are a test, 4 final exams, two group projects, one quiz and all the presents I have yet to purchase! Ugh... always so busy. Once finals are over, I will be able to make the Holiday transition from student to santa's elf and buy those last minute gifts. However... just seems far away!

At least it is supposed to snow this weekend =]
Snow in Southern Minnesota

While you may think this post was relatively useless, please consider the amount of information I am trying to cram in to my brain in prep for my tests and LSAT class. I don't have much room for a ludicrous, yet insightful posts. My bad.

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