Thursday, December 16, 2010

Justin Morneau Voices Displeasure About Target Field

In 2009, the Minnesota Twins were tied for tenth in the majors with 96 home runs. This year, 2010, the Twins slipped to 28th place with just 52 homeruns hit in the brand-spanking new Target Field.

Just Morneau is not a happy hitter.

Morneau sent an email to the Star Trib of Minneapolis complaining about the right-center to left-center field fences at Target Field making it nearly impossible to hit opposite-field home runs at Target Field. The Twins organization recently spent $4-6 million dollars on Target Field renovations and left the outfield fences untouched.

Morneau continued that players have a tendency to develope poor hitting habbits when it is deemed too difficult to hit opposite field balls over the fence; they opt to pull the ball instead. These habits then transfer to road games.

Will unfriendly home run dimensions continue to irk players? Probably. Dave St. Peter, the Twin's team president, pointed to the fact that the Twins had the best record in the American League... so why help the team out anymore, right? Wrong.

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