Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vikings Season Collapses are surely as the Metrodome

Brett Favre InjuredThe Minneapolis Metrodome, the Minnesota Vikings season, and Brett Favre. What do they all have in common? They've collapsed. "The bigger they are, they harder they fall," surely comes to mind.

It was hard to miss the symbolism on Monday night as Brett Favre, who was just sacked by the Bears' Corey Wootton, laid on the freezing turf of TCF Stadium in a game where the Vikings moved to a tear-jerking 5-9. The game was their first outdoor game in 29 years, to the date, that was supposed to honor the "50 Greatest Vikings" -- I'm sure they were proud.

The Minnesota Vikings were officially out of the playoff hunt when they lost last week to the New York Giants in a home game played in Detroit because the Metrodome collapsed. Brett Favre ended his record-setting career start streak that game. What a bad vibe. The Vikings are surely being kicked while they are down. And are getting kicked hard.

Who really knows what to say about the Vikings Season? It has been a cornucopia of mistakes, baffling events, and disappointed plays. Scratch that, people may know what to say, but they know we've beaten a dead horse (no disrespect meant, PETA). This Vikings file is closed.

On a related note, Bud Grant, who is 83 years young, was the toughest son of a gun to be at the game on Monday. He wore short sleeves at a game with an 8 degree wind chill. Wowzaa.

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