Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top Searches of 2010-- My Thoughts

I love creeping on the news, no matter what site its on -- I do it all day. I wanted to see how I compared to the 'normal' or 'popular' top searches of 2010.

AOL Top 10 Most Searched

#10- Wikileaks
#9- Chelsea Clinton Wedding
#8- Anna Chapman
#7- Chilean Miners
#6- Kyron Horman
#5- Tea Party
#4- Toyota Recall
#3- Haiti Earthquake
#2- Unemployment
#1- BP Oil Spill

Yahoo's Top Ten Most Searched

#10- Britney Spears
#9- American Idol
#8- Justin Beiber
#7- Megan Fox
#6- iPhone
#5- Lady Gaga
#4- Kim Kardashian
#3- Miley Cyrus
#2- World Cup
#1- BP Oil Spill

WOW AMERICA! There is only one commonality between these lists and thats the BP Oil Spill earning a No.1 spot on both lists. That is a big ol F-U to BP. Absolutely. Mostly, I suspect this is a top search because people are concerned about their pockets and paying for higher-priced gas. While that is admirable, has anyone seen the impact the spill has had on Ocean Life? Thought so.

As for comparing the two lists, my basic summary is that people that use AOL searches are much smarter than those that use Yahoo. From the Toyota Recall to the Chilean Miners to the Haiti Earthquake, AOL searchers are concerned with day-to-day and global news. For the life of me, I can't believe Yahoo searchers haven't searched WikiLeaks in to the top ten yet! Are you serious? WikiLeaks will only affect how the world views the United States for DECADES to come. Ya... brush it off, nothing too big to worry about. GET. A. CLUE.

And really Yahoo searchers? Britney Spears. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, has changed about this girl for the last 5 years. Consider a hobby.

I was pleasantly surprised the Tea Party was on AOL's top searches instead of Sarah Palin. I suppose people just searched "hunting for dumbies" to find her.

Based on these two sites, I would definitely affiliate myself with the AOL crowd... meaning I have a brain. Megan Fox? Miley Cyrus? SERIOUSLY.

Some of you may wonder why I did not include Google on this blog. Well, Google does something a bit different. They do a video of 2010 in review. Furthermore, they have a site called Zeitgeist that generates the 10 fastest-rising U.S. searches of the year. So... they don't necessarily have a top ten list. As far as I can find. I would have been very interested to discover what Google searchers were interested in as Google is my primary search engine. Last year, Michael jackson was a top search of Google. How that applies? I don't know. Just sayin'.

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