Friday, February 4, 2011

Brett Favre Voted 'Most Hated' in 2010

He has done it again. A week in the news isn't worth two cents if it doesn't include a headline about Mr. Brett Favre. This week hasn't let down a single rabid reader. Hollywood Reporter polled a random amount of people about who they hated the most this 2010 NFL season.

The results came back with Brett Favre as the most hated player in the NFL for 2010.

Before I delve deeper, you should know the top five most hated/bottom five most loved:

Vikings QB Brett Favre
Eagles QB Michael Vick
Patriots QB Tom Brady
Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger
Cowboys QB Tony Romo

Now, let the ranting begin. I guess on a hatred scale of 1 - 10, allegedly sending nudey picks of your junk to a reporter who may or may not have loved it, is a '10' whereas murdering dogs in cold blood is eh... an '8' on a good day. Makes sense. Let's fully hate Favre while what... Vick is in the doghouse? I can't believe this.

Furthermore, just because Tom Brady is a good looking guy who can throw a ball we should hate him out of jealousy. So let's just hate him. And let's make sure we hate him more than Ben Burger who allegedly forced sexual relations on an underaged drunk female in a sketchy bar. Are you serious??

As for Tony Romo? I'm not sure what he did to garner so much hate. I kind of forgot he existed.

You know who I would like to see on the list? Jay Cutler. Does anyone like him? It used to just be people outside of Chicago. Then he hurt some really important part of his body and skipped out of the Bears/Packer NFC Championship game. Now everyone in Chicago hates him too.

I'd say this is the kick-start America needs to sort out of extremely irrational priorities. This is completely ridiculous. Get a grip, America.

Ben Roethlisberger

Ben just being a stand-up, classy guy. Nice shirt.

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